Roon not finding Core [Resolved - Choose unauthorize]

Core Machine

iMac 2012 / 24 Gb RAM / High Sierra

Network Details

Telstra Smart Modem (NBN) / Connected to iMac via Ethernet / WiFi

Audio Devices

Google Chromecast / iPhone 11 / iPad 4

Library Size

100,000+ tracks

Description of Issue

Roon is unable to find the Core or the Library.
I upgraded to the latest version of Roon today to see if that would help.
Didn’t make any difference.
Pressed the ‘help’ option on the main screen.
It asked for my IP address which I got from Network Preferences
I tried to open Roon preferences to see if there were any settings I can adjust.
Preferences are not working/opening.
So where are the settings options or do you need to log into your Core/Library before you can change anything?
Oh and I keep getting security alert emails from you which is annoying.
Btw Roon has always been slow.

Regards, Vic.

Try renaming your library folder if thats where you have your music files then reset the path to the renamed folder. See if that helps.

I assume you mean your idevices can’t see the core. When you click on the blue help, enter as the IP address.

Yes, I know it is not your real IP address, but try it and see.

Hi Daniel,
I already tried that.
It didn’t work.
Cheers, Vic.

Hi Guy,
Does that involve re-doing the library from scratch?
It took a long time first time around with my large library of music.
I have my library split over a few hard drives.
Cheers, Vic.

You can do it 2 ways. One would be to rename the existing folder(s) by right clicking it then click the info section. In the folder name you could add a 1 then rescan to that folder. Second method would be to make a copy of your folder and change the name etc. I did this recently with mine when Roon couldn’t locate my music folder.if you have multiple folders you might try it with one first to see how it goes. Let us know how it goes.

Ok so I clicked on setup a new Core on the iMac.
I then de-authorised the core which was labelled with #2.
Then my library showed up.
Seems to be working fine now.
Cheers for the help.

Glad you got it going again