Roon not finding DarTZeel Integrated

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
I just installed a Netgear router model R9000 via Ethernet cable from the AT&T modem (a DSL connection) in a location in the house about 30’ from the room where my audio gear is located. I’ve also installed a Netgear Extender EX8000 in my audio room, connected to my Innuous Zenith via Ethernet cable.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
Innuous Zen Mk3, connected to DarTZeel LHC-208 integrated amplifier via USB.

Description Of Issue
I have been trying to stream through an Innuous Zen Mini connected to my DarTZeel LHC-208, Roon only located the DarTZeel about 20% of the time. When it does, wonderful sound is made through my PMC Fact 12 speakers. The rest of the time, the DarTZeel doesn’t appear so I can’t play anything.

This week, I replaced the Zen Mini with the Innuous Zenith Mk3; but now Roon hasn’t been able to locate the DarTZeel at all, so I can’t set it up to play anything (including albums I burned to the Zenith, or from my Tidal subscription.

interesting amp, hadn’t heard of it previously.
Do you have any issues whatsoever connecting the Dartzeel to a computer?(over USB)
If you can tell, what kind of USB Reciever does it use?
And, have you tried some USB DeCrapifier between the units?

It’s Swiss in origin. I can’t tell what type of USB it uses, but maybe could check with the manufacturer. I’ve never had a need to connect it to a computer, so no. And I’m not familiar with the USB Decrapifier you mention for use between the Innuous and the DarTZeel.

Try the Innuos own player to see if that works , to isolate if its a specific Roon problem or the Innuos itself. It might be the usb input does not play ball with Linux.

Thanks for your response. I’m certain it’s not the Innuous. I recently replaced an Innuous Zen Mini for the next level Innuous Zenith Mk3. Roon can locate either of these easily, and when I had the Zen Mini connected, Roon could also locate my DarTZeel Integrated about 20% of the time and working fine to play music through the DarTZeel, sounding wonderful. Earlier this week, I replaced the Zen Mini with the Innuous Zenith Mk3; and have yet to have Roon locate the DarTZeel. I have loaded about 19 CD’s onto the Zenith, and it shows them playing when selected through Roon, but there’s no audio output available. Also, Roon just issued an update download, so this may have something to do with it. I have contacted Roon support also, so maybe they can identify the issue. My audio dealer has been running an Innuous Statement (Innuous reference unit) successfully to their DarTZeel Integrated until Roon issued the software update this week; and now Roon cannot locate their DarTZeel either. Frustrating t say the least.

Hi @Bing_Drastrup,

Do other audio devices appear okay in Roon?

As a test, it would be interesting to see how this audio device works with a non-Linux based device. Can you connect this device to a Windows or Mac machine? Does it work when using that configuration?

How can you be certain of that? You have a 100% failure rate in practice with it and still say it’s a 0% chance it’s a part of the issue.
You need to try connecting something like a Windows or Mac computer directly to the Dartzeel, and the next thing to try would be another DAC connected to the Innuos.
(Borrow some stuff from your retailer?)

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I’m more than willing to connect a Mac to the DarTZeel via usb and will do so. I’m using the DAC built in to the DarTZeel vs a separate DAC, but I do have an Aqua Voce S3 DAC that I could run the Innuous through, so will attempt that also and report back. Thanks


Excellent! Did you try (as suggested) to run the Innuos as the stand-alone music server and library it can act as? If so, was there any difference in function compared to running the Innuos as a Roon Server and Endpoint? (which i assume you do, when stating the issues in the original post)

Hi @Bing_Drastrup,

Was there any change in behavior with the other DAC connected to the Core?

Sorry for the delayed response but my AT&T DSL internet connection was out until a serviceman went to the area AT&T station about a mile away and repaired the connection. I’ve since tried two mor e things- first, to check the Innuos. I designated my iPad as the audio source and was able to play audio to my iPad from music files on the Innuous. Therefore, the Innuos doesn’t seem to be the problem. Next, I tried playing music files from my MacBook Pro via usb connection to the DarTZeel Integrated, but the DarTZeel was unable to receive and play the music file. This might suggest that the DarTZeel usb input section has a problem. I notice it’s not on the list of Roon manufacturer’s list.

Hi @Bing_Drastrup,

Thanks for testing this further! This does soun like the DarTZeel might be having some issues with the USB input, so I would suggest trying a different USB cable,. If the issue still persist after that, reaching out directly to DarTZeel support would be the best course of action.

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Thanks for elaborating! :slight_smile:
Am i correct in assuming you have your Innuos configured as “Roon Server Only”?
It’s still a quite different way of transporting the TCP traffic over WLAN to your iPad compared to the internal RAAT in the Innuos and ouputting to USB and on to your DarTZeel.
Do you have another USB DAC you can try?

I’m afraid there are not too many people who can spend on DartZeel, I am jealous.

Yes, it’s an amazing amp- took me years to trade up to it. Can you imagine the frustration of not being able to hook it up to a great Innuos server and hear its benefits? So frustrating. I’ll see if running the Innuos through my Aqua Voce S3 DAC might be the answer; as well as trying different usb cables ( I currently have a Curious, Morrow, and a generic usb).
I just tried running usb to the Aqua Voce S3 DAC, and then from there output into line 1 of the DarTZeel. When I do this, Roon locates both the Innuos and the Aqua Voce DAC; and I can play selections from my Innuos files. However, the sound is not great (as it was when Roon could find both the Innuos and the DarTZeel). Maybe I’m selecting the wrong output from the Aqua to the DarTZeel. Thoughts?

To me, this clarifies that your Roon setup is correct and you can use the Innuos as a Roon component and that the Innuos USB out works fine with a “compatible” DAC. That it doesn’t sound as nice to you may be more of a preference than that anything is “wrong”, i suppose.

Next thing i would recommend is to have your DarTZeel dealer give it a looksee and have a chat with the manufacturer perhaps.

Personally, i would have thought that the Acua LaVoce S3 would better an internal DAC (but i have no information on the DarTZeel built in DAC). I have a Moon 430 HAD used as a headphone amp and it’s built in DAC sounds beautiful, but can be obviously bettered with n external DAC, at a price of course…

Hi @Bing_Drastrup,

Have you confirmed that the USB input on the Dartzeel still works at all?
Knowing that the line 1 output works is good, but that doesn’t tell you if the USB works.
You could try installing Roon or Roon Bridge on a PC and connect it via USB to the Dartzeel to check.

Yes, the USB input on the DarTZeel works, although possibly not consistently. Remember, in the past, Roon would sometimes locate both the Innuos Zen Mini and the DarTZeel (connected to the Innuos via USB cable); and when it showed both, wonderful music could be played. After downloading the latest Roon update about a week ago, neither my DarTZeel nor my dealer’s DarTZeel could be located with the Roon app, so maybe it’s a combination of a unique DarTZeel USB input circuit and the software update. I’m having the dealer check with the US DarTZeel rep to see if he’s aware of other DarTZeel owners having a problem with USB input, or whether DarTZeel recommends a specific USB cable that may be an optimal match. I did try to connect my MacBook Pro to the DarTZeel via USB cable, but could not play music files from my MacBook hard drive through the DarTZeel. Meanwhile I’m enjoying being able to play music from my Innuos drive via USB through the Aqua DAC via unbalanced RCA into the Line input of the DarTZeel.

When you had the DarTZeel connected to the Macbook, did it show up at all under Roon Settings -> Audio? Were there only issues with playback?

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