Roon Not Finding Hi-Res tracks in Qobuz

As an example, I searched Roon for Simon & Garfunkel and all albums are listed as CD, including Bridge Over Troubled Water.

When searching on the Qobuz app directly, most of the Simon & Garfunkel albums are Hi-Res, including Bridge Over Troubled Water.

This is just one example of only finding CD quality when searching Roon.

I built a fan free PC for use as a Roon server and connect to it over ethernet with a MacBook Pro in my music room. Mac is connected to a Chord Qutest via USB.

Hi @Harry_Teel,

I’m seeing a 96/24 version of this album in Roon — Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing here?

While taking the screenshots, I clicked on the Versions tab after clicking on the Bridge Over Troubled Water labeled as ‘CD’ and found two high res Qobuz versions.

Now, my question is, how do I change settings in Roon to show me the highest res version by default, regardless of origin, so I don’t have to click on a low res version and then the Versions tab to see what else might be available. I’ll always want the highest resolution available and if, for some strange reason I want low res, then I can go through the extra steps.

Are those albums already in your library?

The CD quality version was ripped and is on an external hard drive connected to the Roon server. There is a check mark indicating ‘Primary Version’ next to it. The two high res versions are on Qobuz.

I don’t know how the CD version became the ‘Primary Version’, but again, I always want the highest res version to be displayed at the topmost menu level so I don’t have to go through the extra steps to see if there are higher res versions. Alternatively, displaying all versions at the topmost menu level would be fine as it’s just as easy to pick the one I want if all are being displayed.

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The CD version may be the only version in your library … you’ll need to add the high-res version before this can identify as the Primary Version.

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As Martin said, Roon will prioritize the highest version that is in your library. You have to add the high res version to your library and then it will become primary.

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Appreciate the update by the ROON and Qobuz teams. I was having the same issues as the original poster. Now with whatever update occurred behind the scenes anything I favorite on the Qobuz app is appearing in my ROON favorites as well. Nice work.

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