Roon not finding music and also not backing up

Roon has found over 80,000 tracks in the designation directory (on a NAS), but it is not finding some. For example, it does not see any of the tracks in the two-disc “Amazing Grace” Aretha Franklin album that is part of the Atlantic Albums box set. But I can see that album in the music directory in subdirectories titled “Amazing Grace; The Complete Recordings, Disc 1” and “Aretha Franklin Amazing Grace, The Complete Recordings, Disc 11.”

How can I make Roon see those albums? I already forced a rescan.

I am running ROCK on a NUC7i7DNHE, which connects to my router by Ethernet.

Also, how can I verify whether Roon has missed other albums and tracks by this and other artists?

Separately, Roon keeps failing to back up. While it succeeds in backing up to my NAS, it fails to back up to my networked iMac, giving me this message: “Backup Failed at 19:00:00 / Backup directory not available.” I don’t know why the directory would have been unavailable. The only thing I can think of is that Roon might need to enter the password to access to iMac. But I don’t see anywhere to input the password. Also, I believe Roon had no trouble backing up there in the past.

Thanks for reaching out, @Andrew_Stein!

There are several reasons why a track or album might not appear in Roon. We have some great documentation about Skipped Files and why some files might not appear in Roon. I definitely recommend checking those articles out, it will likely point you on the right path.

In general, a great first place to look is Settings > Library > Skipped Files. If the track is here there should be a reason listed for it’s inability to be imported. Can you share a screenshot of the album in question in it’s storage location? This may help shed some light on why it’s not appearing in Roon.

For the backups, is this a scheduled backup or are you using the Backup Now function? Are you able to backup to another directory on the Mac?


Hi. I checked Skipped Files. While it shows a number of tracks, it excludes the Aretha Franklin album. Strangely, Roon picks up other albums from that box set. Could the folder or the files be named in a way that Roon skips them? The folders are titled “Amazing Grace; The Complete Recordings, Disc 1” and “Aretha Franklin Amazing Grace, The Complete Recordings, Disc 11.”

The backups are automated.

Hey @Andrew_Stein,

Can you share a screenshot of this album it’s storage location (i.e. navigate to it from a Mac or Windows devices) so we can take a look?

Are you able to perform a backup to another directory?


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Hi. Here is a screen capture of the Aretha Franklin root directory:

You can see the two Amazing Grace albums near the top. I wonder whether the semicolons are causing the problem, though your guidelines do not suggest avoiding them. They do say that colons are a problem. Here is a screenshot of one of those two folders:

I did manage to back up to my NAS’s directory (but not to my iMac’s), though now Roon is reporting that backups failed on both machines when last tried. Roon reports the same reason: “Unauthorized: Not logged in.” I don’t quite understand the error, as Roon should have the passwords for each machine. It certainly has the NAS password since it plays music from the NAS.

Hey @Andrew_Stein,

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Storage > Edit Storage Location for your watched folder?

Just to clarify, were you able to backup successfully and then you started receiving this error when trying to make a new backup?


What happens if you rename the folders and delete the semicolons and the commas? (just for good measure!)

To narrow the issues, I deleted the semicolons, and Roon now recognizes both discs of the album as a single unit (a good result). So semicolons seems to thwart track and album recognition. Thanks for the suggestion.

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In months past, Roon’s automatic backup would work, but lately I am getting the “Unauthorized: Not logged in” error on automatic backups. I just forced a backup to my NAS successfully, but my forced backup to my iMac failed.

Is there a way to post a screenshot of the message privately? Thanks.

Hey @Andrew_Stein.

Thanks for the info here.

Sure, you can send me a private message here on the forums if you’d like. Click on my profile and select Message, and you can send it directly to me.