Roon not finding my Arcam ST60

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Hi just bough an Arcam ST60, Roon is not finding it any advice please.

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Tony are you on Ethernet or WiFi?
Have you looked in Settings->Audio to enable it?

Hi I’m hard wired.

Sorry I missed the obvious question, have you updated the firmware.
I have the SA30 and that didn’t come with a Roon Ready firmware, once updated it worked perfectly.

I assume you are able to get on the web page and perform the update

Yeah it updated as soon as I put it into my system.

So in Settings-Audio, what do you see in terms of devices

I would expect to see Room Ready, Airplay and if you have set it up in Google Home, Chromecast as well.

Hi don’t see any device.

There is no official support working on the weekend so you will have to put up with other end user’s like me.

Worth giving your Roon Core a reboot.
Also power off your ST60 and turn it back on (not just sleep mode)

So what is your Roon Core running on and can you confirm it is on the same network as your ST60?

Are you able to see the ST60 IN Airplay from an iPhone or if Android can you see in in Google Home.

I am guessing my Roon core is my ST60 or am I wrong?

Tony I have bad news for you sorry.
The ST60 is a Roon endpoint and not a Roon Core
You play music from Roon to the endpoint.

Do you have a laptop or PC that you can install Roon (or have already) on?
For you to be able to get to Settings->Audio you must have something running

Thanks for that yes I have it on my pc will check that when I get home many thanks for your help🤙

Ok cool, start off with disabling the Windows firewall.
That might help

Hey @Tony_Curran,

Ben here with the support team, it’s great to see you on community again!

After taking a look into your account, it looks like you’ve been able to connect to your Arcam as an endpoint. I wanted to check in and see if you were still running into issues? Both @Michael_Harris and @Martin_Webster are steering you in the right direction if so.

We’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply :+1:

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