Roon not finding new album on Qobuz

Sonictransporter 2.5 with Roon 1.8 build 753 stable

Why does Roon not find John Mayer‘s new album Sob Rock even though I can stream it on the Qobuz app?

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Somewhat annoyingly, it can take Roon a few days to list all new Qobuz albums.

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Hey, thanks for the quick reply. Does anybody know if this is down to an intransigence on the part of Qobuz, international copyright issues or a lethargy at the Roon end or other?

Anyway I am switching Roon off for a while so I can listen to the album. :sob:

Same here… Bummer. First time that happened for me though…

I’ve noticed this issue frequently with Qobuz. Every Friday when new albums come out I search for them via Roon and many are typically missing as much as 2-3 days after they come out. It’s definitely annoying to have to miss out on new music for a few days if I want to use Roon.

@William Sob Rock should now be available for streaming in all Qobuz regions. Apologies for the late arrival of this one. We encountered repeated failures when downloading Qobuz metadata from their servers this week.

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Hi Joel

Understandable, but what will happen at Qobuz/Roon side to prevent this in the future.

A lot of users struggle to setup their home network up in a way that Roon can show all its virtues without hickups.
It would be nice to know what you guys are doing to achieve the same in the core infrastructure.

Qobuz shows a release date of Friday July 16, 2021. They would not provide Roon the necessary information to do a Roon lookup for it until probably the following Monday, July 19. Sometimes it might happen a day later, but very rarely.

That time lag for new releases is on Qobuz, not Roon. It takes that long for Qobuz to supply Roon with the necessary info for them to show the albums.

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When did Qobuz reduce the lag time? Every time I checked it’s always been the following Monday or Tuesday. Then again, I haven’t check in maybe two months??

Thank you, I appreciate your taking the time to reply. I suspected the album would appear soon; thx for confirming that the album is now available and that you have taken note of the issue. You guys are doing a great job.

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