Roon not finding proper cover art - typically choosing some other version

I am a new Roon user and have about 260 of my CD reripped losslessly which I am putting into Roon. I am finding on many covers, maybe as high as 5-10%, Roon is using a cover from the artist but not the correct one (as shown on the actual CD I have in hand). I know many CD’s are distributed under different covers but it appears Roon needs away to know the CD code to do a better job.

I have no problem replacing covers that I can find and download but why such a high error rate or alternatively a small collection of multiple covers for an album, Best example is the Elvis 2nd to None which has the following cover:
but Roon uses:

Is there away to improve the offering with real alternate covers in a library?

Thanks for your time.


Under Library/Import Settings, you can tell Roon to prefer file versions of Artwork.

That is not the issue. The fact that Roon often only has one cover for a specific CD even though it was published with several covers is the problem. I know I can get Roon to select from a file. I don’t want to have to go out and find every cover it gets wrong.

I know Roon is not ripping the CD so it can not see the actual CD registration code but that is why its a lot less accurate than Itunes for finding the correct art. Maybe they could implement a cover art database, that when provided a Cd code could pull the art for that version of the CD.

That’s a good suggestion. You might want to make a Feature Request to that effect.

When you rip the CD I assume you are also embedding the correct album cover, right?

If so, you can follow John’s suggestion and Roon in just a couple clicks every CD is using the version of the cover you chose when you ripped the CD.