Roon not handling data stream from Tidal and local files

I have a serious problem with my Roon setup. I have a set of music file(flac files) that reside on my QNAP device that acts as the Roon server as well as the storage device for Roon files. The QNAP device is running the most up to date version of the QNAP software. I am also using the up to date version of Roon.

The problem is this:-

If I use files from my own store(files that have been ripped from my CDs and stored as flac files on the same device as my Roon server), I can play them without a problem. If I stream files (I use Tidal) they play without a problem. When I mix files from Tidal and my own local files, they chosen files do not play.They appear to play but no audio happens…This is not repairable - you only get one ‘channel’. Resetting Roon - then you can can one or other but not both.

The behaviour has only been happening since before Christmas - prior to that normally expected behaviour worked as expected.

My QNAP device is a QNAP TBS-453A and it’s running firmware version 5.0.01891 with 4GB memory and 2 ssd cards 1TB each. This device has worked for approx. 3

My system uses Auralic front end leading into D&D 8C(the 8C has just been converted to run Roon direct - not using the Auralic front end). The fault is evident whether you use the Auralic in the system or just the 8C and was prevalent before the update to the D&D conversion.

Moved to support area.

I’m just about to start a thread about a similar problem. If I have playlists with local library and tidal tracks mixed the tidal tracks take time to load, play stops and the tidal track remains top of the queue paused and needs me to press play to get the playlist to continue.

This started a week/10 days before christmas and before the big update.

That symptom is usually related to a network rather than machine issue. It would be better if you started your own support thread and filled in the information the template you will see asks for.

I realise you are trying to help but I did say, “I’m just about to start a thread about a similar problem”.

I’m looking at network issues but it seems more likely it’s related to Airplay 1 devices as other devices on the same network don’t suffer the same problems playing Tidal files.

I also try to solve my problems by searching the forum for threads which may already contain solutions so your input seems a bit glib. Can you direct me to information which will help me fix the problem, i.e. other threads in the support area? If not your input regarding the symptom doesn’t feel very helpful and underestimates the extent of testing and searching I’ve already undertaken.

Well I apologise for missing the starting a thread part.
I may have underestimated your troubleshooting but as you didn’t neutron any that is perhaps understandable.
I’ll let you get on.

I apologise too, I’m a bit grumpy because I’ve spent the last three weeks looking deeper into this problem and I wish I didn’t have to!

I’m starting through testing and deciphering the logs to understand what is happening but it’s time consuming.

Once I have tested everything I can at my end I’ll start a support thread. If this problem were affecting all users I’m sure the support section would already be full of reports.

Rather than spend weeks beavering away see if the collective have contributions.
I’ve been on the forum a long time hence my opinion that those symptoms most often resolve to a network issue of one form or another.

In fairness you would have no idea that I’ve been setting up networks since the early 80’s and I have both an education and professional experience in IT so your comments still feel a little condescending.

If you are going to suggest I change my DNS settings or make sure I have a ethernet connection between ROCK and router you are just going to make it worse!

It’s actually pretty difficult to prioritise fixing this problem hence the 3 weeks it’s taken. If I get a little further with it today you will see my support request on the forum.

Just to add that the delight people take in pointing at individual networks issues as a panacea for all Roons’ failing is wearing very thin with me. I’m a lifetime member but no longer drinking the Kool Aid and I don’t rate Roon support very highly.

Look at the export playlist problem that was just ignored for over a year.

I’ll agree

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