Roon not importing all tracks

I am using the latest available version of the software on Windows 10 (in a trial) - my Music is on a Synology NAS. I have tried importing a number of times from a fresh install, but everytime after importing about 12500 tracks it stops importing, although it has scanned all approx 80,000 tracks.

Has anyone else seen this problem?


Hey @krjtx – this usually means that a nonstandard or corrupt file is causing an issue for our scanner.

I’m going to PM you a way to send us some logs, and we’ll figure out which file is causing the issue.

Sorry for the trouble!

Hi krjtx,

When you have identified any file(s) which may be causing this, people have reported that converting into another format and then back to the original format using an up to date converter has fixed issues with problem files. Don’t know if it would work for batches, but can’t see why not.



Hi Mike,
I would like to open this again - it came up when searching for my problem. I started using Roon yesterday.
I have the same issue - it has scanned approx. 24.000 tracks on the Synolygy, but only mports 6350.

The same number on the Mac Mini I use as the server as on the PC I am looking at now.
Regards Kim

Roon has stopped importing tracks. 60,000+ tracks previously imported. 5000 when opened today. rebuild the library and now only a few hundred recognised. Other PnP playes recognise all albums and tracks.
Roon 1.8
Synology NAS