Roon not importing DSF files

Since I upgraded to El Capitan, suddenly Roon is not importing DSF files. I used iso2dsd to convert ISO to DSF files. The files are stored in the same folder with the rest of DSF files (in a watch folder) but they are not picked up by force rescan of the folder.

I don’t think it’s the problem with the DSF files, as I am able to play them using Audirvana. But then I never encountered this problem with Roon until I upgraded my mac OS X to El Capitan. This was the second ISO I purchased since the upgrade. The first ISO I had the same problems, but after a while suddenly it was imported properly. This time, it is not fixed yet.

I checked the permission status of the files, but found nothing different (owner & group & permission -rw-r–r--).

I’m perplexed as to what could possibly be the problem. Is there any way I can manually import the files?

Again my system set-up:

Server machine: Mac Mini 2012, OS X 10.11.3
Remote machine: Mac Pro 2013, OS X 10.11.3
Music storage: thunderbolt HD connected to Mac Pro
Music folders are accessed from the Server by the network.

I also use iso2dsd, also upgraded to El Capitan, and Roon imports my DSF files fine, just as before.

So there’s something else going on, I think. Ideas @mike?

I also use iso2dsd to convert my rips to DSF-files. Also use El Capitan on my Roon Server and this works flawlessly. My .dsf-files are stored on my NAS though.
Actually very surprised that most of these becomes tagged correctly in Roon as i still haven’t found a good software to edit the tags of .dsf-files in a permanent manner?

Let’s not get off the topic of helping out @hgim82, but just quickly: Metadatics has no problem with DSF tags. I use it on them often.

This is really strange. I just created another folder at the same level, and simply moved the unreadable dsf files there, and Roon properly imported them!! Bring the files back to the original folder and they are not imported! What is going on?

The old folder isn’t watched? Or is disabled?

It’s still active, keeping all 680 DSF tracks. If I force rescan, the track number recounts, but it just doesn’t import new tracks.

Has anything changed on your network since we last looked at your setup @hgim82? I know in the past we spent some time trying to reproduce your issues before deciding they’re probably related to the university’s network, and this sounds similar since the files are showing up eventually/sporadically.

Assuming your setup hasn’t changed, I still think the most interesting test here would be to see if there’s any difference on a more basic network you’re actually administering, meaning the university network feeds a standard router, which the two machines connect to.

I’m happy to look into this further however your network is configured, but this setup (Core machine watching a folder directly connected to the remote, with both devices communicating across a university network) does seem particularly troublesome, and points to networking issues that are going to be almost impossible for us to reproduce in house and resolve.

Let me know the current setup and we can look into this further @hgim82. Thanks!

I take it back. To give it a benefit of the doubt, I restarted the whole system, both core and remote, and the problem is fixed now! So it was indeed the network access of the remote folder. How it could still connect to old files but not new files in the same folder is still mysterious to me, but this is a Mac thing, I guess.

Sorry for the trouble! Still though, I will be happy to switch my core machine to MacPro (attached to HD), provided that Roon lets me control from core to play music on the system attached to a remote machine. It should be possible, shouldn’t it?

Wow, great news! Thanks for letting us know @hgim82.

It will be with our next release. Right now, zones attached to remotes are “private” to that remote, but our next version will no longer have that distinction.

Strange, I am having the same issue but with USB 3 drives connected directly to my CORE. I’ll restart everything, but when I create DSF files from SACD ISO, Roon does not import even with forced re-scan.

Most likely they are compressed:

Roon also supports uncompressed DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, and DSD512 content in the DSF and DFF file formats.

You can decompress using ISO2DSD i think, at least if you still have the original ISO.