Roon not loading all my albums from watched iTunes folder on attached USB drive

Trial membership that I’ll let roll into at least a 1 year membership. Like what I see and hear so far. BUT…

I have 5 Who albums. Roon only shows 3 of them. Not sure if this has happened to other artists too. EDIT- Missing 1 ZZ top too…

Roon Build 30. Mac Mini late 2012 quad core i7 16G RAM 10.9.5 Mavericks.

2T WD USB 3 Passport drive stores 1T AIFF music ripped from Apple Superdrive attached via USB 3 to Mini. Music is stored in iTunes Media/Music folder on that WD drive. Roon points to Music folder as a watched folder.

I delete the watched folder, repoint to it to restore it, and only the same 3 albums show up. Tommy and The Who Ultimate Collection don’t show up.

iTunes and Pure Music show them fine.

What’s up and what’s the solution???

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Hi @DSNORD – we’ve identified an issue with certain kinds of AIFF files that causes them to be flagged as corrupt, which means they don’t get imported into your collection. We’ve discussed this issue with a few users and have collected some files for analysis.

Based on what we’ve seen so far, most of the files failing to import are technically “corrupt”, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t be played at all, or should fail to import. So, for this class of files, we’ve made our handling a little more permissive, and as of our next release these files should import and play back. It’s hard to say whether your files are having the same issue, but my guess is that things will be better once this fix rolls out.

If you’d like us to look at one of the missing files directly, just send me a PM – if you can link to a sample file that would be great, but I have a way for you to upload the files to us as well. Let me know how you’d like us to proceed, and be sure to check out our next release to see if this issue is resolved.

Thanks for the question @DSNORD!