Roon not logging into to Tidal Account

Hello, My Roon server is up and running, however it has disconnected from my Tidal account and will not allow me to login. When I try to login from the Roon app on my PC I get the error bad username or password.

I went out to Tidal and can successfully login to Tidal’s web player and their native app on all of my PCs. (Win10 and Win7) Its just when I am in the Roon App and go to your services and try to login where I get the “Bad username or password” error.

Can you check and make sure that there isn’t an issue within the Roon app that is not allowing me to connect to Tidal? All of my saved Tidal Albums have completely disappeared from my library.


First try rebooting the roon server.
Then if that doesn’t help

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ged_hikman1, Thanks so much for your help!! I rebooted my Roon server and from there was able to login into my Tidal Account without any issues. This is the first time that this has ever happened to me. Everything is back up and running!

1st rule of computing, reboot it.:blush:

Absolutely! If this happens again I’ll make sure to reboot!:grinning:

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