Roon not opening after Windows updates (ref#UKBWS2)

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So far each of the 3 Windows updates have caused Roon to not open. I click to open and the icon just spins, pulses… I have checked firewall permissions, everything looks good. But I eventually have to uninstall and reinstall for the app to work again. I am getting a little frustrated at having to do this every time there is a Windows update. I have a Microsoft Surface running Windows 11 with a Qobuz subscription.

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Surface Pro 7 running Windows 11. Its about 2 years old, Intel(R) Core™ i5-1035G4 CPU @ 1.10GHz 1.50 GHz, 8Gb Ram, 7.6 usable, System type, 64 bit operating system x 64 based processor

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Sonnet Audio Hermes streamer and Schiit Yggdrasil dad, aes, ethernet

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Ethernet via Fi gateway xfinity

@Sharpe_Belote, when you state that Roon does not open, can you explain in more detail what you are seeing or experiencing, or post a screenshot?

Sure. It is just the logo/icon with the dashes blinking, pulsing whatever you want to call it with a white screen. It never fully opens to the app showing your music, etc.

Do you have exceptions in your Windows firewall to all for roon.exe and raatserver.exe?

Yes, I do.

Are you running the combined Roon Server\remote app?
If so, did you try to install the standalone Roon server for Windows?

I think it is just the standalone Roon server, it says Roon Core.

ok let’s say it is- did you check it to load automatically after you load (and login to) Windows?


Edit: Just downloaded & installed the Win 11 23H2 update. The PC rebooted & Roon server was loaded just fine.

I am not sure. Where is that located? I don’t see it in Settings.

bottom right, in the toolbar where you have the sound, clock etc - you might have to expand to see all the icons

I don’t see the Roon icon there even when I expand.

Download and run the server from here:

and then you’ll see the icon (and right click options)

Ok, thank you. I got an error, can’t initialize plugins directory, try again later

I was able to right click and select Launch at startup though. Do you think that will fix the problem?

Well, you’ll see in the next update (if you never reboot your laptop), or you can just reboot and see

LoL! I am feeling lucky. We Wil see how it goes.

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