Roon not playing an album . Stops after every track

*Core Machine **
Windows 10/Roon v1.7 Build 610)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Synology NAS - ethernet. Windows 10 Core - ether et

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Google Mini Speakers

Description Of Issue

I select a Google Mini as a speaker. I select an album. All the tracks do appear in the queue. But the songs do not automatically play. I have to hit the ‘play’ icon. After every track, I have to repeat.

This does NOT happen when playing to my laptop (used as a Windows client)

Hello @Peter_Kaufman, and thanks for your report! Do you see this same result with any album you play to the Google Home Mini? Is there a difference between local and streamed content or any errors presented when this occurs?

Any/every album. I don’t use streamed content like Tidal. I do use the ‘radio’ function. I just tried that. Mini made the ‘bloop’ sound but didn’t play. After unplugging and plugging it back in, it did.

For an album, the track says it’s playing (you see the ‘EQ’ bars moving), but no sound comes out. Choose ‘stop’ on track and then ‘play’ again. Plays one track and stops.

Hello @Peter_Kaufman, next time you can reproduce this issue could you please reply to this thread with a timestamp of when the issue occurred so I can enable diagnostics for your account and take a look? Thanks!

Just now. Oct.13. 8:27AM.Eastern Time. Here’s a screenshot, too.

Hello @Peter_Kaufman, I have gone ahead and enabled diagnostics mode for your account and what this action will do is next time your Core is active, a set of logs will automatically be generated and uploaded to our servers for analysis.

Great. Because I just repro’d it this morning. (Different Google Mini, but same result).

Hello @Peter_Kaufman, I sent a report over to our team for a look. While they’re investigating, could you please try playing to system output of your phone and see if you can reproduce the issue there?

Hello @Peter_Kaufman, and thanks for your patience while I discuss this thread with the ream. We’ve enabled additional diagnostics for your account and our next step is to have you try playing to your phone as noted above, try reproducing the issue one more time, and to provide more network detail about your system, thanks!

OK. Just tried again. The album was already up. I hit ‘play’. Worked(!) All the way through. Then selected another album. Nothing.

Network: combination Ethernet and wireless. Core running on Intel. Music library on Synology NAS.

LOL. I didn’t even know I ccould configure the phone to be an output device! (just did it, and thiings worked).

But i was showing you screenshots from the phone because it was easier. I should have clarified… when Roon was doing ‘one and done’., it would happen even if I were controlling Roon from my laptop.

P.S. I’m in a different house now, but my ususal set up was having Roon play through a RaspberryPi endpoint to get to my stereo. Never had the issue. Just with the Google Minis.

P.P.S. Just tried ‘my live radio’ - nothing. Though when I use the volume control in Roon, the speaker makes the rising/falling volume tone, so it’s definitely ‘talking’ to the Mini.

Hello @Peter_Kaufman, I was able to pull more diagnostics from your system for your investigation but the team has asked for more detail on your network setup, can you provide model numbers for your router and any other networking gear in place to the core?

Hi Nuwriy,
Netgear router: RT-N66R. Latest avail firmware.

Google Minis don’t have markings on them.

I run my Roon core on a Windows 10 machine. It’s connected via Ethernet to the router, as is the Synology NAS where my library is.

I just updated tonight to latest version of Roon. I played an album all through. Go figure.:slight_smile:

Hello @Peter_Kaufman, well that’s good news! I’ve also updated your ticket with the network issue so we can continue troubleshooting but do let me know if the issue continues to seem resolved.

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