Roon not playing complete songs

Roon Core Machine

Apple iMac 24
Library stored on Buffalo Nas Drive

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Virgin 500GB broadband
Hi Tron Router
hard wired to NAD

Connected Audio Devices


connected direct to router (via a Cisco 16 port gigabit switch that was professionally installed)

Number of Tracks in Library

3429 albums 46,000 tracks

Description of Issue

I have recently transferred my roon core from a cranky old 2015 Mac to a brand new iMac 24

restored library from a back up and all seems to have gone fine until the other day when. a couple of problems started to occur

  1. the roon app on my iPhone kept crashing/closing. (I see other people also have this problem)

  2. tracks are skipping to the next track, sometimes after 5 or 10 seconds sometimes longer and maybe even after a whole track or two. It seems to occur most of ten with hi Rez audio files stored on my gas drive. They are in the same location as before and everything was working fine.

the error message is generally “an audio file is loading slowly. This may indicate a performance or hardware problem”

Any advice much appreciated

To help isolate the problem, could you copy some media files from the NAS to iMac, and see if these play without problem.

will do I presume I have to point to the files in the library too

Yes, go to Settings > Storage and browse to the folder where you copied the files. Once your problem is sorted, you may remove this folder.

Hi Martin, I’ve been able to play a lot of tracks today including the album I copied to the Mac hard drive. Then I did have some problems with a few long tracks from the NAS drive. one track kept skipping after 43 seconds repeatedly. then when I played it later it payed for 15 minutes (its a 20 min track) before skipping

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And both iMac and Buffalo are connected using Ethernet?

Yes they are



Roon is still intermitantly skipping files on the NAS drive.The few files that I moved to Mac drive are playing fine at all times.

Any suggestions most welcome

What model is the Buffalo, and how much free space does it have?

it’s a LS220D

it’s 85% full 1560.7 GB used out of 1847.5

Thanks for this. I doubt that’s the problem, but I wondered if the NAS is showing constant disk activity. Can you check? I note that you recently changed core.

Thanks again Martin, I’m not sure what you mean by constant disk activity? or how to check it. Can you help me with that please?

BTW it is working fine at the moment ! Playing songs it was with earlier today

PS is it possible to point Roon to files on a USB drive?

If you look at the NAS, is there constant disk activity? Can you hear the drives “rumbling”? I was thinking that Roon may be analysing the media files again after changing your core. This could account for the performance problem. This may be completed now, so report back if the problem has gone or reappears.

Yes, that’s what I use with my core. It needs to be an HDD or SSD.

no the drive is pretty quiet although Roon does rescan a lot of files every time I restart it. Is shows adding music to the library and scans 1,000s of files

PS I thought it should I couldn’t get roon to look at my WD my passport. in settings/storage it shows up when I click add folder but when I select it and try to navigate to my music files I get the error message: error loading folder unauthorised

You need to open System Preferences and go to Security & Privacy, then click the Privacy tab, and make sure that Roon is included in Full Disk Access.

Everything seems to play okay when using SSD hard drive. maybe that is the answer but my NAS drive should work okay right?

This is the recommended method.

It should, unless there is an issue with the device or your network.

Hi @Jumpology,

I wanted to check in to see if you were still experiencing issues with your NAS storage location. The support team would be happy to investigate diagnostics from your account to help pin down the source of the issue and troubleshoot from there. When Roon can only intermittently access local content in a located in a network-shared storage location, the culprit is generally related to firewall/security issues in either the Remote or the NAS, or settings on the router to which the NAS is hardwired.

I’ll be watching for your response, but this thread will auto-close in several weeks if everything is working smoothly.

I solved the issue by putt g files on a portable hard drive. But would prefer to get the nas working again so please advise me what to do. Many thanks

Hi @Jumpology,

Thank you for your patience, and I’m sorry it’s taken us a minute to circle back here.

Examining the most recent diagnostics, your Roon Core is unable to mount this network share drive. Logs show repeated attempts to access this location during both automated backups and Roon startup; all of them fail after Roon fails to find a route to the host server.

Is this network share on a different subnet? Do you have any third-party antivirus software or firewalls on the NAS, the router, or your iMac? It’s possible this is a hardware issue with the drive itself, but the most likely culprit in this scenario is a network snag somewhere between the Core and the NAS.

The support team is standing by for your response. Thank you again.