Roon not playing DSD files with PS Audio DSD PerfectWave DAC (ref#150KWX)

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Roon is forcing PCM conversion for my DSD Files, I want to play DSD

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Mac Mini

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PS Audio AirLens with PS Audio DSD PerfectWave DAC

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Welcome to the Roon community, @David_Coad1.

It would be really helpful if you shared the following.

  • How is the DAC connected to your core, e.g., USB, coaxial
  • What DSD file are you using, e.g., DSD64
  • A screenshot of the Roon Signal Path

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Thank you Martin, the following information you requested:

  • My DAC is connected to my Core via USB
  • Please keep in mind that I also have a PSS Audio AirLens that I am using
  • I am using DSD64 Files
  • Attached, please find, picture of Roon Signal Path

You don’t have an image shown. Mac’s don’t support native DSD only DoP. Have you set the DSD Playback strategy to DSD over PCM (DoP)?

@David_Coad1, your screenshot hasn’t loaded. Please follow these instructions.

Likewise, please confirm the device you’re using for your core. As @Simon_Arnold3 says, macOS only supports DSD over PCM (DoP). If you’re using the AirLens, does this mean that the USB connection is with this?

If you are indeed using AirLens, how can you be connecting the DAC to the Core via USB (in this setup you are not using the AirLens)?

The AirLens does not even support USB audio output.

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OP only says he also has an airlens not that he’s using it here. He clearly states he’s using the dac connected to the mac. As I already pointed out it won’t output native DSD due to limitations of Apples Core Audio and it will default in Roon to convert to PCM you need to select the correct strategy in Roons settings.

Hi Martin, my Core is a Mac Mini, but i am not having issues when i use my Mac Mini, i can’t get DSD Files to play through my new PS Audio AirLens?

Please share screenshots of Device Settings, too, i.e., DSD playback strategy.

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