Roon not playing DSD256

Hi Eric
i bought this files "Blue-Coast-Collection-Remastered_Complete_DSD 11,2 MHz »,
but nothing out to my DAC ( TEAC UD-503), playing with Roon… or this file is played without problem (in DSD 11,2MHz) , using TEAC Player in DSD native!
My Set-Up Audio:

Hi @Christophe_BRETON ----- Thank you for the follow up and allowing me to make your PM a public topic :sunglasses:

Moving forward, can you verify for me if you have noticed this behavior with any other DSD content in your collection OR does this appear to be isolated to the mentioned content above ( "Blue-Coast-Collection-Remastered_Complete_DSD 11,2 MHz ")?

Furthermore, I am not sure if you have checked out our KnowledgeBase yet but we have some information listed on handling DSD playback in Roon that can be found here. The article also lists a few troubleshooting steps as well :microscope:


If I understand you correctly your trying to stream DSD256 over USB. However, the screenshots show that you have DoP enabled. With DSD256 this requires a PCM sample rate of 768k. Are you sure your stack is capable of doing that?

Does it work with DSD128?

From the manual:

To play 11.2MHz DSD recordings with TEAC HR Audio Player, open the Configure window and set the “Decode mode” to “DSD Native.”
To play formats other than 11.2MHz DSD, you can set this to either “DSD over PCM” or “DSD Native” as you like.

Native DSD requires an ASIO driver – which are rare for macOS/OSX (I believe Exasound has one). By default it does DoP only – limiting your DAC to DSD128.

I suspect that the TEAC HR app uses some special trickery that works in-app only. Until TEAC provides an OS level driver, I’m afraid you’re stuck with DoP on your Mac – and DSD128.

Hi Spockfish,
thanks for your help
yes it works with DSD 128…
now i think like RBM (Below), it works with TEAC player, but without ASIO driver , my Dac is limited to DSD128 in Native!

thanks a lot !

Thanks RBM… very Helpful … now i can stop to find the reason ;-( !

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