Roon not playing multichannel through Oppo 203

Point made but you should qualify your statement to include to what the PC will be connected. You probably mean an AVR/processor but one can connect a PC/Mac to the HDMI input of an Oppo player (such as a 105 or 205) and they will support native DSD.

No, it doesn’t matter to what you connect your PC.
There isn’t any driver (for MacOS, Linux or Windows) that will support native DSD through HDMI.
Only some DACs supporting DSD in multichannel through USB.

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Have you tried what I described? I will post a screen shot of it when I am next at my other house.

Sure, but you’ll not get DSD, but only PCM.

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No. You get DSD into the Oppo in multichannel. What you do with it is another story.

OK. As I said, if you can get DSD into the Oppo, it will output compatible DSD into the AVR. The problem is how to get Roon to send DSD to the Oppo via HDMI or network. So far, I have not figured out how to do that although I can do it with JRiver.

Per my owner’s manual, I think the only way to get DSD into an Oppo 203 is with a USB stick. I’ve never had reason to try it.

I am listening to my 205 right now in DSD64/5.1 fed by DLNA. Obviously, not from Roon.

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Oppo 203 doesn’t do everything an Oppo 205 does, MQA for instance. I wish it would.

I thought it could be done via USB. So, an endpoint that can feed DSD via USB to the Oppo should work?

I’m going to delete this until/unless I can find the reference.

Ah, yes, the manual states that “The UDP-205 supports up to 2ch/768kHz PCM and DSD512 signals through its USB audio input.” I will try that and report back.

True. The USB DAC input is lacking and, imho, more important than MQA. :wink:

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It’s been a long time since I fed my Oppo-105D via DLNA, (I moved to Roon :sunglasses:) but my memory is that 5.1 DSD played fine through the analog output, but not over HDMI to a Marantz 8802A. SACDs played just fine in DSD via HDMI, so it was some weird limitation somewhere…

You have a 205; it could be different.

BTW, had the 205 supported multichannel over USB or RAAT, I would have happily bought one. It didn’t, and I went in a different direction for 4K Blu-ray. The 205 would have been much less expensive than the exaSound e38, and also would have reduced the box count.

What about Ethernet in and HDMI out to a MCH Processor or HD621/HD722?
Will that be limited to everything but DSD?
(This is such a mess).

aha, always the half-truths.
At first you told (never seen your screenshot) that you can get through HDMI-IN native DSD in multichannel and now you’re using the Oppo as a DLNA-Client.

These are the points:

  • using the oppos as roon endpoints, you can get only stereo
  • using it as an DLNA-Client or reading out from an usb device (stick or disc), you can get DSD also in multichannel
  • using the oppos as USB-DAC, you can get only stereo
  • using a PC with HDMI-Out into the Oppos (also JRiver will not help you), you can’t get DSD (stereo and multichannel), but only PCM (or dts, dd,…)

For me the Oppos are really good BluRay-Players, but not really good as multimedia player or roon endpoints.

This thread also contains additional information about the limitations with Roon.

Understood. Some of what I have posted I can replicate today but some has been done in the past. The difference is that I am using MacMini in this system and at other times I used a WinPC. DSD/HDMI out from the Mac is an issue by itself but multichannel is not.

Yup. Do you want a screen shot of that?

I can confirm this but I can also confirm:
PC with Roon --> HDMI --> UDP-205 --> HDMI out: 7.1 Supported (actually 5.1 in my case).
Roon MCH thru Oppo

I can also confirm that (using JRMC)
PC --> DLNA --> UDP-205 --> HDMI out: 7.1 Supported (actually 5.1 in my case) but, more interestingly, PC --> DLNA --> UDP-205 --> HDMI out: 7.1 DSD Supported
Screenshot of MCH DSD playback via Oppo/MarantzMCH DSD thru Oppo
Oppo display showing DSD inputOppo DSD Screen
Marantz display showing multichannel (5.1) DSD inputMarantz DSD Screen

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Is that Watanabe a DSF file, Kal? The image is a touch blurry.

My Nucleus+ is back from the shop and am hoping to join this discussion soon. I am having great difficulty having a stable multichannel feed from my Nucleus+ to my UDP-205 to my Yamaha AVR-Rx 775 all connected via HDMI.

Yes but played as PCM as it says on the OSD overlay. That was posted, as stated, to show MCH PCM through these components. The lower three pix show DSD through them.

I have not tried any of this with the Nucleus+ because I do not have one.