Roon Not Playing Music from Hard Drive or Live Radio

Roon Core Machine

Sonic Orbiter I5

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

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Description of Issue

Roon worked find until today. Nothing changed (hardware nor software). Won’t play stored music nor Roon’s Live Radio. The screen shows the music, but the bottom track advance doesn’t move while the track list shows the music is playing. It skips to the next track within 10-15 sec (even though tracks are several minutes long.) I rebooted the server. No help. I got out of and into Roon. No help.

Have you tried all the “normal “ tricks and dance routines?
Reboot everything, certainly the Roon core., router, dac etc?

@AceRimmer Yes Sir. However I haven’t said the Lord’s prayer backwards in ancient Greek. I understand that may work sometime. :wink:

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Very good….just don’t sacrifice any chickens, gets messy!

Hopefully some of the “ smarter” members here might have some :bulb:

Hey @Jeff_Friedman,

We’re so grateful that your patience has surpassed any limits we could have thought of — thank you for reporting the issue and for taking everything in stride with a pinch of humor :sweat_smile:

We are sorry we didn’t get a chance to reply until today.

I was wondering (since it’s been about three weeks) has the situation changed at all, or is it still the same? We’d love to help if help is what is needed :nerd_face: