Roon not playing on UltraRendu all of a sudden but plays on other end points

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Core = iMac Catalina/Roon version1.7

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)


Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

UltraRendu/m2tech hi face 2/Devialet D-Premier

Description Of Issue

Roon is suddenly not playing anything via my UltraRendu, neither streaming Tidal, playing live radio nor anything from my SSD drive. I can select the station or album but nothing plays. When trying to play an album it skips through all the tracks sequentially on the screen play bar (no audio) and ends with the message ‘nothing playing’.

Meanwhile, in another room Roon works fine with my Kef LSX speakers.

I have rebooted the UltraRendu and relaunched Roon several times to no avail. Please help! Many thanks in advance.

Hi @Richard_Britton,

If you try to connect the HiFace directly to the Core, does that still work as expected?
What if you try connecting another DAC to the Rendu, does that work?

Hi thanks for your help…

I can’t connect the HiFace to the core (my iMac) as the two are very far away from one another and I don’t have another DAC aside from the one in the D-Premier to test I’m afraid. My set up has been working fine until today. I’ve re-booted my core a few times but that doesn’t help either.

I’ve just noticed there’s a software update available on the UltraRendu so I will try that and report back.

Reboot the DAC and by that I mean pull the power and USB connection from it and wait a min then plug it back in.

Thanks for your advice - I’ve rebooted the DAC as advised and still no sound. Although now the Roon display is showing some tracks playing for about 10 seconds (with no sound audible) then it moves on to the next track and so on. Before re-booting the DAC it just skipped through the tracks quickly. It seems the problem may be with the UltraRendu and its connection with the DAC. The UltraRendu is recognising the HiFace USB/Coax converter as it did before and this is also communicated to Roon in audio settings/device settings - it says ‘unidentified device’ and then names it ‘M2Tech hiFaceTWO UAC2’ underneath so I’m puzzled.

Not entirely sure what I did to fix it but it’s now working again - thanks both for your help.

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Thanks for letting us know the issue is resolved @Richard_Britton, if it returns just let us know and reference this thread and we can investigate further.

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