Roon not playing to HQPlayer (Connection Broken)

Every time i open roon i get another problem. Today having not used it for a few weeks - but it was working fine last time i didi was prompted for an update - which i did and it took 5 seconds to update . However it now will only pay in some sort of double overlay sound. A song plays and has a 2 second lag with the same song also playing. I have simple set up with my iMac in my home office as the core playing through a cambridge audio dac to external speakers and a mac book in the bedroom.

I go into general and cannot seems to make sound come from my core but it tells me sound is playing on my MacBook - which is switched off.And i get this double sound from my iMac - internal speakers - not the external speakers.
Its very frustrating. What need i did to reset my system to play the simple set up i had ?

What is shown as Core in Settings–>General?

What is shown in Settings–>Audio for your output devices?

Screen prints are the best way to post these on forum.

Hello @douglas_bayley,

Have you tried rebooting your Core yet? I would definitely try that as the first troubleshooting step. If the same behavior still occurs after a Core reboot would you mind answering the questions Slim asked and also share a screenshot of your Signal Path while there is audio playing? You can use these instructions to upload screenshots to Community.


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Continuing the discussion from Roon is unstable:

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i have my iMac as my core and yes i turn the imac off and on regularly hence i guess roon is rebooted in doing this ?

when i switch on the iMac /room only i get no sound as it tells me $ is not connected to HQ player

when i also switch the MacBook on the mac book plays what ever i choose on roon and the sound gets to my iMac via the internal speakers only.

all i want is the simple system to be set up so that what i choose on the iambic plays on the MacBook - why is this so complex ??

Hi @douglas_bayley,

It looks like you have the HQPlayer zone selected. If you would like Roon to output to your Cambridge DAC directly, I would suggest that you select it from the zone picker.

If you would like to send Roon through HQPlayer, I would make sure that you have the newest version of HQPlayer installed and that the HQPlayer App is opened before sending the stream there. Please let me know if that helps.



i am flattered that you think i have a clue what you are talking about - but i don’t . You are doing me and Roon a disservice and i need this to stop.

I have no HQ player and do not want one. I have iMac as the core with a cambridge dac and a macbook on wireless in the bedroom.

Since the last piddly update nothing works.

I want to reset Roon and request you tell me how to do this; then give me the most basic instructions to allow me to have the iMac as the core which in turn will then control what is played on and simultaneously with the MacBook. No zones - nothing else no HQA player …the iMac is streaming / playing to the MacBook only and the iMac uses the cambridge dac and external speakers. this worked fine as it was before you prompted me to have an update. since then nothing works

can you do this please…as right now Roon is a disaster and nothing makes sense,

douglas bayley

What @noris means is that when you look at the zones, the top one has a tick, ie this is the one selected. This shows HQPlayer

If you want the Cambridge Audio, click on it and it will be the selected player, it should show a tick in the top RH corner

If you don’t intend to use HQPlayer, disable it in settings > audio

Indeed disable any device you don’t intend to use to minimize confusion

Hope this makes sense

Hi @douglas_bayley,

This is correct. You have the HQPlayer zone selected, and even though you may not want this, it has been installed on your PC at one point and the connection is still active. I suggest that you go back into your Audio Tab setup and disable any zones that are not in use. This includes HQ player and can be achieved by clicking the “cogwheel” icon next to the zone and pressing disable, the HQPlayer zone should be listed at the end of your Audio tab.

After disabling the HQPlayer zone, I would then select the Cambridge zone from your zone picker like so:

Please note, it appears that you have multiple zones grouped here, what looks like your Cambridge DAC and also the system output from your Macbook Pro. If you click on it, you will then be presented with the option of ungrouping the zones by clicking the “Group Zones” button like so and I would ungroup the Cambridge and System Output if you only wish to intend to send audio to one of the zones:


Sorry Norris,
Clearly it’s me as roon cannot be so awkward and wholly useless when it comes to common sense. Therefore for my benefit kindly advise how I reset roon to the beginning and then advise what I need do to have my iMac set up as the core playing via the Cambridge day to external speakers and then having my MacBook as a simultaneously playing endpoint being controlled by the iMac .
As right now it’s all messed up and only the MacBook seems to be in charge of the system .

Hello @douglas_bayley,

You can reset Roon but you will run into similar issues in the future. In my opinion, it is better that we show you how everything works now so that you can navigate your way out of similar issues in the future. Here a step by step of what you need to do to get your music working again:

  1. Open Roon Settings
  2. Go to the Audio Tab
  3. Locate the HQPlayer zone and click the cogwheel icon next to it
  4. Press “Disable”
  5. Exit out of the Roon Settings screen
  6. Click on the Zone Picker at the bottom (the one you opened up last time with all the zones)
  7. Select your “MacBook Pro, douglass-Macbook-Pro, System Output” zone by clicking on it
  8. Click on the Group Zones button at the top, the one I highlighted in my last screenshot
  9. Un-check all of the boxes located directly under “Add to Zone”
  10. Go back in to the Zone picker menu
  11. Select your Cambridge zone, this zone is called “Macbook Pro” and do not select “System Output” or “douglass-Macbook-Pro” as these are two different zones
  12. After the “Macbook Pro” zone is selected, try to play something
  13. Audio should be now coming out of your Cambridge DAC

Please let me know if these instructions are clear enough.