Roon not presenting correct device options for Lumin U1 Mini

I just bought a Lumin U1 Mini which is able to handle 384/32 bit pcm and dsd256. Roon properly identifies the Lumin U1 Mini but in device options only provides the ability to handle up to 192/32bit pcm (via max sample rate and max bits per sample menus for pcm) and does not show the menu for dsd at all (max sample rate for dsd). The U1 Mini has the latest firmware – 11.4 . I also have a Lumin U1 and all roon menus are correct for it so there is something specific about the U1 Mini.

Flagging @support and @wklie for help on this.

That’s because you don’t have a USB connection, SPDIF outputs are limited to 24/192 and DoP64. In another post of yours you said your U1 MINI is connected to Dutch & Dutch 8C via AES.

Even though it does not show an additional prompt to select a different maximum DSD rate (since it’s fixed at DSD64 without a USB connection), you’d still be able to use Roon DSP Engine to upsample PCM to DSD64 i.e. output DoP64 via AES, but I don’t think your Dutch & Dutch 8C will work with a DoP64 signal over AES.

@wklie lie – you’re correct on all fronts. Thanks for the quick answer.