Roon not providing full access to Qobuz

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NUC with 8MB of RAM running ROCK.

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Ethernet from my router using fiber optic and optical rendu

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This issue exists on all of my devices!

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Folks, I am hoping you can help.

I subscribe to Qobuz, started the subscription in the US and live in the US and access from the US. But Roon doesn’t allow me to access the full Qobuz library. When I use my BlueOS App with my Bluesound Node 2i, for instance, I can play the entire album of Chet Baker Sings. When accessing the Qobuz album thru Roon, only one song is offerred.

This same issue was brought up (and closed) earlier, and it turned out that the person had a French account but was listening outside Europe. I don’t think that is the issue for me.

Is this a Roon issue or a Qobuz issue? Who should I turn to for assistance?

Thanks, Peter

There are sometimes regional licensing restrictions affecting the availability of songs, or brief delays updating the metadata provided by Qobuz for new releases.

Can you confirm the exact release (screenshot) so a US-based community member can check if this is affecting them too. I’m in the UK and have full access to the 2011 release and 2019 remaster.

Thank you Martin! The story deepens. When I do my search in Roon, the only thing that comes up is a single song that I happen to have on my library. That’s all I see on the initial search. I was expecting to also see the Qobuz version shown as part of the search results. Well apparently, the Qobuz version is available, but was not shown as part of the search results. I had to click on “version“ to see that there is actually access to the Qobuz version. Here in the US, we only have access to one version, which is 1998. I am attaching a screenshot of what I see when I click on version. In older versions of Roon, I was able to see both options, my library and Qobuz at the same time. Is there some sort of setting that I’m missing to maintain that functionality, or do I always have to look at version to see if something might be available beyond the initial search results.?

Can you share a screenshot of your my search results? This is what I see.

I don’t have these albums in my Library. However, adding one makes no difference, except the overlay shows one is in my library…

Because you have a track from the album in your library, and Roon is set to group alternate versions (this may be changed) and this is the default version, other releases are displayed under the Versions tab. However, this should not affect the search results. Are you searching as I have or filtering on My Albums?

When I search it only shows the red/yellow/blue album (above) without any indication that there is a different version available or whether the “hit” is in my library or Qobuz. There is no way for me to know that there are different versions besides hitting the Versions tab. Are there settings regarding filtering the search results that I can change?

Roon settings, general, customise album display add show qobuz.

Hi Ged. Thanks for your response. By the albums that popped up for you, I assume you are in Europe. In any case, the settings that you reference only control which badges are shown, and what information is shown, they do not control whether roon shows me I have albums available in Qobuz rather than just that one track in my library. Changing them the way you have it set up does not make a difference in that regard. Any other thoughts?

In Amerika, Roon Search returns this -

With this being the main album (temporarily put in my Roon library) and all tracks available -

BTW - In spite of the titles, Chet Baker couldn’t sing.

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Hey XXX. Thanks for the confirmation of availability here in the USA! And thanks for looking up whether he actually can sing! I actually like it :slight_smile:

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Hey @Peter_Schwartzman,

What’s happening here is that Roon is treating your local copy of Chet Baker Sings as the primary version, and the Qobuz album is nested under Versions. The problem is that your local album only contains a single track and not the album in its entirety.

You can add the Qobuz version to your library and set it as your Primary version - after doing so Roon will defer to that copy.

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Thank you @jamie . I assume this issue could arise in other instances as well. And yet I would not want to have to manually add the Qobuz version to my library for each time this issue arises. Is there anyway to make Qobuz primary by default when doing searches?

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Hey @Peter_Schwartzman,

You wrote:

There’s no way to do this in Roon currently. However, we’ve had requests for this functionality and while I can’t go into much detail just yet, some interesting things are in the works that will answer your needs. :slightly_smiling_face:

@jamie Great! As I recall, the old version of Roon showed search results both from your library and your online subscriptions. Returning to thatformat Would provide exactly what I was hoping for.

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