Roon not readiing D drive

Roon Core Machine

LG GRAM laptop, Windows 11.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Oppo UDP 205

Connected Audio Devices

Wireless from laptop to Oppo. No other devices used, except amplifiers.

Number of Tracks in Library

773 tracks on C drive, 2266 (supposedly) on D drive.

Description of Issue

I have music files recorded on two drives. Roon reads the “Music” folder on C just fine, but does not recognize the D drive. I have checked the D drive in Settings/Storage, and it says 2266 tracks imported. But none of the tracks show up when I search, and I can’t find any way to access them.

in welchem Format (Dateiendung) liegen diese Musikstücke vor und haben Sie Metadaten?

Cancel request. They all showed up after I shut down and rebooted computer and Roon several times.

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