Roon not recognising iTunes library

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I’ve Roon for about 18 months and a Nucleus for about 12 months I also have my music folders and files on an iMac.

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Description Of Issue
Initially I had a few problems getting everything to work together but it was working well.

However about 2 weeks ago the Nucleus stopped acknowledging the music in my iTunes library.

Has any got any ideas?

Hi @Neil_Perryman,

Was there any change to your setup around this time? Was there any change to your networking gear, or possibly an update on the Mac?

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Storage?

Hi Dylan,
Here are a couple of screen shots of my situation, the top one is of
the Storage messages, the 2nd one if from iTunes and where, apparently, my
iTunes music folder is located. I’ve tried to cut and paste this location to the “Add Folder” - “New Folder” in Roon storage but again Roon won’t acknowledge it.
Any help would be appreciated.

Hi again Dylan, Here, also, is a screen shots of when I tried to cut and paste the
iTune Media folder location.

Are you sure that File Sharing is turned on for that folder in the Sharing extension? Are you sure that your DNS still thinks that iMac is named “IMAC-2.local”? I have found using the IP address in place of the name works better.

Hi @Neil_Perryman,

Based on the first screenshot it appears that Roon isn’t able to access the folder where the iTunes library is located.

I think that moving forward here, the best option is to make sure that the folder on your mac is properly shared and entered into Roon fresh.

First, before making any changes, I recommend making a backup of your Roon database.

Next, follow the instructions in this article to share the Music folder and add it to Roon.

Let me know if you have any questions during this process.

Hi Dylan, I did a Nucleus reboot and that seems to have righted everything,
go figure! Thanks for your help and suggestions, appreciated.
Best, Neil.

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