Roon not recognising my ifi and Oppo DAC

Roon does not recognise my ifi XDSD DAC and also my OPPO HA-2 DAC yet it recognises my Meridian Explorer2.
Roon is fantastic on the Meridian device but I want to test it on all my devices before I commit myself to a full subscription (I am currently on a 30 day trial).
Hope you can assist me.

Hi @Tom_O_Brien1,

Thanks for contacting us regarding this issue. What PC are you using to host your Roon Core?

Can you please post a screenshot of your Settings -> Audio tab? Are you using the Oppo HA-2 in “B” mode? Have you installed the driver from Oppo’s website?

For the XDSD DAC, do you have the drivers installed fron iFi’s site? Do these show up in your Operating System devices and are you able to play to them outside of Roon?


Hi I’m using a MacBook Pro (Retina Mid 2012) running macOS Mojave
I’ve managed to get the DAC’s recognised by Roon after a couple of System reboots.
I’ll see how I get along using Roon v Audrivana Plus which I have been using for some time. Then decide whether to commit to Roon full time.
Thank you for your prompt service.

Kind regards

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