Roon not recognizing Conductor or Orchestra - Both in Allmusic

Strangely Roon isn’t recognizing either Otto Klemperer, one of the highest regarded conductors of all time, or The Philharmonia Orchestra, a symphony of similar stature.

Both of these have extensive biographies in allmusic - see below.

Can these biographies be pulled into Roon?

Strange, both items are recognised in my system.

Can you give more detail about the fact that Roon isn’t recognizing these artists? Both are being recognised here. In fact, in my case, they give a clear illustration of how Roon deepens connections as a library is built up.

I started from a point where I already had 5 albums of music by the Philharmonia, but nothing conducted by Klemperer - so the Philharmonia is listed as an artist in my library, but there is no entry for Klemperer.

Going to the Philharmonia artist entry and looking at the bio, you can see that Klemperer’s name is not linked (because I have nothing by Klemperer in the library).

Now, I search for Klemperer, and Roon returns Otto Klemperer as the top artist result. Choosing that gives me his artist bio:

I then selected an album conducted by Klemperer and added it to my library. Now Klemperer appears in my Artist list in my Roon library. And also, if I now go back to the Philharmonia bio, I see that Otto Klemperer is linked to his Artist entry:

Hi @Jordan,

As suggested by Geoff, can you share some screenshots of how things are appearing in Roon? This will help us understand what isn’t working properly for you here.


Thank you for the replies. See the Screenshots below.
The album I’m showing was not recognized by Roon so I had to enter both Klemperer and Philharmonia manually. When I searched for them in ‘Add Credits’, nothing appearred.

@dylan - There’s something odd here. That album is available from Qobuz, and is known to Roon. However, I see that there seems to be something up with the metadata - see that “Philharmonia” that has crept in?

Can you try manually identifying the album? That may create the proper entries for Klemperer and the Phil. If it does, you should delete those manually-entered Artist entries, or merge them with the correct ones…

Manually identifying the album seems to have worked! When I tried that last night, I could swear, though not 100%, the album didn’t appear in the manual search, but now it does – and both Klemperer and Philharmonia are recognized with bios. No ‘Philharmonia’ creep in either!.

See the screenshot below. Thank you for your help.

Oops… using the Roon default metadata setting, I do get the Philharmonia creep after all…

Hi @Geoff_Coupe and @Jordan,

The “extra” Philharmonia that is showing here is because that is the album artist (i.e. the artist that appears on the cover). Our system wasn’t able to automatically match that to that Philharmonia with the Philharmonia Orchestra artist. We always are working to improve things like this so your feedback is much appreciated!