Roon not recognizing individual tracks

I enjoy Roon immensely. However on several FLAC albums, individual tracks apparat to have been rolled into one longer piece. All the music is there. Is there someway to repair this, or do I need to rip the CD and LP. I ripped my CD’s with Jriver and my vinyls with Vinylstudio.

Hi Pierre,

Can you give us a specific example, including:

  • Artist Name
  • Album Name
  • All Music page (if possible) or track listing
  • List of FLAC files
  • Screen shot of Roon when you view that album

Also can you check the FLAC files to make sure they are tagged correctly.

Thank you for your reply. I will get back to you with this information.

Sounds like you have FLAC+CUE rips which you haven’t split. The info Carl requests will clarify.