Roon not recognizing internal SSD drive

Roon Core Machine

NUC 10 with a 1TB Western Digital SSD for storage.

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Description of Issue

When I go to the web interface it sees the WD drive, says it’s not ready, and offers to format the drive. I go ahead and format it, which takes about 5 minutes, and I get a pop up saying it completed the format successfully.

The web interface does not change and still considers it “Not Ready”.

When I go into the storage section of Settings Menu, it does not recognize/see the drive.

One other point, this drive was used to store music before as an external USB connected to the NUC directly. I was having some performance issues, hence the idea to move it to internal within the NUC. Starting to think I may have a defective drive. Any ideas?

Solved the problem. Bought a new Samsung 1TB drive, installed it and it works. Have to wait until I load all my music on the drive to see if I still get drop outs, pauses and songs just dropping and starting the next song in the list.

What was the drive formatted as prior? You might have to see if there is an existing partition on that drive RoonOS cannot reformat. I’d plug it into a different computer that will allow you to look at the drive and remove any existing partitions, if they exist.

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Following formatting have you tried rebooting your NUC?

What performance issues? Might help to understand a possible issue.


Thanks for the update, I’ve marked this as the solution.

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