Roon not recognizing my qobuz service - can’t login qobuz on roon

Roon Core Machine is nucleus


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It would help further diagnosis of your issue if you could provide some more details of your setup and issue.

Details of your networking gear and setup are probably very relevant to your issue for example, and when you say you can’t login - what, precisely, is happening? Any error messages, for example?

More detail will help the support team to tackle your issue. Thank you.

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I’m not very technical. I run Roon via the basic Nucleus I bought on Roon store. Nucleus feeds a few stereo setups and can also run thru the Arc sound bars under our TVs.
But, don’t think my setup has anything to do with the problem. Roon won’t recognize my Qobuz account, suddenly, after many weeks of flawless use. Roon says I don’t have any playlists. When I go to settings, services, configure Qobuz, Roon says I am not configured and must enter my Qobuz password. When i do (numerous attempts) I get a message - there was an unexpected error, please check your account details.
Just this morning, I changed my Qobuz password and will attempt to enter new password in Roon later today.
Not having any problems with my Qobuz account. Old password worked fine and now new password does. All my playlists are visible on Qobuz.

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The frustration continues.

I changed my old password at Qobuz (which was working) and attempted to configure Qobuz at Roon with the new Qobuz password (which is working fine at Qobuz).

But, no joy. I continue to see Roon taking a long time to attempt to process the Qobuz username and password it requires to configure qobuz, and the process eventually failed and same message was received – There was an Unexpected error, please check your account details.

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Are you using the email account you used with Qobuz to log in with roon?

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Indeed I am

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Just tried to configure qobuz on Roon by using my qoBuz moniker with password (instead of email with password) - again no joy and same error message as above.

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I’m running Nucleus+ with Roon software 1.8 (build 1021) and did have the exact same probleem since August 1. Today (August 2) I stil have the same problem. Now I powered off the Nucleus+, rebooted my Internet modem and switch, checked my Internet connection and powered up the Nucleus+. Finally I entered again the Qobuz account details in Roon, et voila, everything worked again. No clue what was the exact problem.

BTW - I have another box (ProJect Stream Box S2 Ultra) which is also Qubuz capable and did not have any problem with Qubuz during the same time period. So, it looks it was a Nucleus+/Roon related issue.

thank you Sefaan for this information. My Nucleus is the basic, also running on 1.8 (build 1021). I will try your suggested fix and report back.

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Had the same issue of Roon suddenly not recognizing Qobuz and not showing links to Qobuz albums, yet I could go to Qobuz and see my albums. Have also experienced a variation of this, when the metadata of newly added Qobuz albums was missing, yet I could play the album.

Unfortunately, in the last few months, the loss of the handshake between Roon and Qobuz happens from time to time. I (emphatically) wish that the Roon team would track this down and fix it.

What worked for me was to power cycle/reboot the Roon core, but it took two reboots to work. So, reboot, then login as usual. If that doesn’t work, try the same procedure again. I’ve read on another thread that it took a Roon user three reboots.


thank you for sharing Rnlifer. After pursuing Stefaan’s suggestion, which is same as yours, I have restored Qobuz playlists to Roon.


Stefaan - sorry about my earlier misspelling.

I powered off Nucleus and rebooted my modem (it is supplied by AT&T). I powered up Nucleus and Roon had no trouble accepting my Qobuz account info. All Qobuz playlists are visible - looks like all is working.

Hey - it’s time for hifi!

Good to hear the problem is resolved. The next time I will first try Rnlifer’s suggestion to restart the Roon Core service only. On the Nucleus I assume this is the Roon Server Software (cfr Nucleus web interface).

I am having the same prob. Changed password. Powered down Nucleus and restarted & same issue. Works on my Auralic lightning app and works directly. Pretty frustrating to just lose the integration.TIDAL works just fine… and what other services can we effectively integrate?
And yes, the Roon team should track this down. Thx

I can vouch for Rnlifer’s suggestion. My Roon server is on a SonicTransporter. Restarting the Roon server resolved my Qobuz Login issue from Roon.

For what it is worth, I first tried to reboot only my Nucleus. That didn’t work, so I changed my Qobuz password. That didn’t work, so I powered off Nucleus and powered off my internet modem (supplied by AT&T). That did work, so if I have the same problem again that’s what I will do.

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