Roon not recognizing NAS library after update to 1169

Roon Core SonicOrbiter i5
Windows 10, Intel Core i7

After update to 1169 Roon unable to see library on NAS. Seems to have renamed “XXXX/musicfiles” to “XXX.local”
Added the existing network location via “Add network share” and Roon is now (re)importing all 7850 tracks.
No changes to my network, and build 1167 worked fine this afternoon.
Also looks like the Roon library is intact (showing albums and artwork, etc.) but clicking on an album gives me a “playback stopped, too many errors” message, which I assume is Roon looking in the “wrong” place.

All wired through ubiquity hardware to Synology NAS. Everything else stable… I can access music files through windows explorer, etc.

Hi @Douglass_Sisk

Have you tried rebooting your NAS and core(s)?

Nope, didn’t see a need. Just took a while for the albums to (re)import themselves into the library. All working fine now. Even found all the album art somewhere… No idea what network funkiness made this happen, might have been a coincidence with the update to 1169. Who knows?

I am having the exact problem. My library is also located on a Synology NAS and I also had to re-add it via “Add Network Share” after the update. I, too, am getting the error messages, “Playback was interrupted because a track filed to load” and “Too many failures . Stopping playback.” Playback of Qobuz tracks appears to work just fine. I am able to play the same tracks, from my local library, on Apple Music and JRiver. My system is a 2014 Mac Mini running MacOS 12.6.1. Just like Douglass_Sisk, my issue did not begin until after the update. After two days, Roon is still importing and scanning tracks. I have also restarted my NAS and it is visible in Finder.

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