Roon Not Responding 2022

Roon Core Machine

Im using a windows 10 machine with a 3700x, 16gb ram and 5600xt.
All windows drivers, graphics drivers, audio drivers have been updated to the latest release.

Connected Audio Devices

Using usb to my dac to amp for headphones.

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Everytime I open roon it is not responding and has to be closed. I have updated all my drivers for everything on my pc. It works if I uninstall everything and reinstall it but if I close and reopen it then it will not respond. I cannot reinstall everytime i want to listen to music. I have no network issues and have tried to make a backup as listed as a fix in other forum posts.

Welcome to the forums and too bad that’s because you’re in trouble!

Only idea I can offer is if you’ve set Roon firewall exceptions yet?

yeah quite unfortunate that this is why. I enjoyed the application a lot before I closed it for the first time.

I just checked and both roon.exe and raatserver.exe are authorised.

too add to this, briefly disabling the firewall all together doesnt help either.

I wouldn’t know why exactly you should do that, but you could try to install Roon Server in addition to the version containing the GUI, and make it the core - maybe that fixes your problem…

Of course that would be after doing the whole house reboot shuffle…

Not sure about the edit but I just set it up with server as the core and had the same issue
it did connect and work before restarting the app though

… stumped here…

All good thanks for the ideas, hopefully i can find some other suggestions here or in other forums to fix it.

Try installing the manufacturers driver for your graphics card, Windows updates (I had one last week) often overwrite with their “Best Guess”

Worth a try ,it often works

Thanks, I didnt even know windows updates did drivers for the external gpus. I always update mine through the amd radeon software.

You’ll find any number of threads solved by using the “original” rather than windows

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