Roon Not Responding After New Computer Build

I am running Roon 1.7 on Windows 10 64 bit. Recently my motherboard and CPU had to be replaced but I was able to continue using my Windows 10 installation with only some problems. The problem I have now is that Roon is not starting correctly. I see the splash screen and then the Roon window is opened but it is all white until I mouse click on it and then it says “Not Responding”.

I have checked my BIOS and the iGPU is disabled and only the PCIe video card is active. This video card is the same one both before and after the computer rebuild.

I have done an uninstall of Roon and then reinstalled Roon 1.7 64 bit. This however is still the same result. I can’t see why Roon would now not be working and was wondering if the Windows uninstall was leaving behind remnants of the original install either as files or as Registry keys?

Regards Patrick

It certainly does. Run a free registry cleaner such as ccleaner, in order to remove a couple of references to Roon.
Hope it will help solve your problem.

Thanks Dirk.

I found the problem. During the Uninstall, there is an option to also tick removal of settings. I had not selected this option as I was under the impression I would still need these settings. After all, I had only changed the hardware and expected Roon to use the original settings. I think that the additional problem was the hardware Audio Devices were now different with the new motherboard.

Once I selected removal of settings during Uninstall, all went well. If on the other hand I had been running Core on my computer, then there may have been further problems were I would have to recreate them. In this case, the only minor problem was I had to reauthorize Tidal.


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