Roon not responding again

roon not responding again… please what is happening .
roon has frozen, will not open on win 10 pro. just get roon not responding .
this has happened 7 times over 7 mths .
i could open roon on phone while it was “” not responding “” on win 10 pro .
please please please help.
when i mean when roon works it is great , BUT it is just too stop start .

uninstalled roon remote on win 10 pro again…
i will have to do a clean re install to get this thing to work.

Can you describe how your system is connected? Copying in @support

There are new updates out now. Maybe that is the issue?

You can help Roon support help you by giving them this information.

Once a month is a cadence that could correspond with new versions of Roon. Try turning off firewalls and anti-virus and see if that makes a difference. If so you can turn them back on and whitelist Roon.

@paul_osullivan — Thank you for the report. This seems to be the same issue you had reported to me here.

Please confirm, as I would like to keep all of your information/feedback in a single thread to avoid any potential confusion.