Roon Not Responding - White Screen on Launch - Service still runs

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Server= Win10-64, 1.7 build 511
Client = Win10-63, 1.7 build 511

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

1Gbps hardwired

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Schiit Modi Multibit
Schiit Bifrost 2

Description Of Issue

Roon app on W10-64 desktop now launches to a white screen and reports Not Responding. It’s running enough that I can control it via Android Roon app.
This has never ever been an issue and just started in the last 24 hours.

Hi @LiquidSmote,

Can you provide some additional information about the GPU of the Core machine?

If you install the 32 bit client for Roon instead of the 64 bit version is there any change?

Issue is on a client machine, not the core machine.
Client PC is running a GTX1070. I have another client system with a RTX 2070 Super / Bifrost 2 that is working fine. The core itself is just a server install and no issues there.

I have not tried reinstalling anything as this issue just started, and I’m hoping you can trace why before I obliterate the evidence.

GPU on Server Core is HD7750 for reference, but not experiencing any issues on that system.

@dylan What should I do next? Do you want me to uninstall / reinstall? Do you want to try to extract logs? Another action not yet mentioned?


High CPU usage when not responding, way too high for a 3900x with 12 cores.
Uninstalled ROON64, but left settings/db. Reinstalled and had same issue with Not Responding.
Uininstalled ROON64, removed settings/db. Reinstall seems successful.


Went through settings to get ROON back to the way I wanted it.

The moment I selected DARK MODE, the app restarted and is no longer responding.

Is there an issue with Dark Mode?


Update Again: Roon failed after closing and reopening (Light Mode). It seems to launch for the first time after clean reinstall and then Not Responding. Super annoying for a premium product on a premium PC. Hope you guys have a fix.

Hi @LiquidSmote,

Can you confirm that the GTX1070 for this client is on the latest firmware update?

I’d also be curious to know if there is any change when installing the 32bit client instead of the 64bit client. Does the 32bit client work?

GTX1070 is running on the latest 441.87 released 2020.1.6 and there are no firmware updates available for this GPU.

Clean install of 32 bit client was successful, including dark mode and a program shutdown / re-launch.

This is a workaround for sure, but hopefully you guys can figure out what’s going on with the 64bit client. Just let me know if there’s anything I can do to assist.



Roon32 failed after system restart, same symptoms. Looks like we’re narrowing it down. Seems to fail after system restart for both 32 and 64bit clients.

I am wondering if this is not some underlying OS issue, maybe introduced by a recent update.

When I build a PC, I install all my core software and update patches etc. and then take an image backup. Windows does seem to sometimes go wonky at some later time, and generally once a year or so, I do a clean install with the latest Windows 10 version or restore from my image backup, which always sorts out problems on my PC client machines. With servers, this is generally not an issue, but client machines do seem to suffer over time, sadly.

This particular system is less than 2 weeks on this OS.
ROON was one of the first apps installed and functioned throughout all updates, as it always has on all of my systems.
Failure did not time with an update.
Reverting to an image more than 24hrs old on a production system is not an acceptable option.

I’m surprised I haven’t been asked for event logs yet or any sort of diag other than “try reinstalling.”

OK fair enough, but we did not know that it was a new build PC. However as the Core is working OK on another machine, and yet another Windows client is working OK, then the focus has to be on this failing (Roon wise) PC and/or it’s network connection…

TBH if it were my PC in this situation, and it was only 2 weeks old OS wise, there won’t be much additional stuff on the build, and I would reformat the Boot drive and install the latest version of windows 10 from here: just to be sure all is well.

I wouldn’t suspect network issues at all. When you run ROON, three process are started:
Console Window Host

The RAATServer process is not having issues, and even though the ROON GUI hangs Not Responding, it is still controllable using remote clients on the LAN.

I’m sysadmin for just under 500 clients and servers at my facility. I have full access to MVLSC, so getting a windows ISO is not an issue. Lost productivity is though.

After acceptance testing, this system is running a VM on a VPN and is currently rendering video. Like I said this is a production system. Rock solid with every other application.

Frankly, I’d be fired pretty quick If I told my facility I had to blitz their systems due to nebulous “underlying OS issues.” I’m expected to do the necessary troubleshooting to resolve issues without nuking systems.

With that said, I’m not a ROON developer and as a paying customer, there is some expectation for them to provide more detailed troubleshooting steps than just “try reinstalling.”

There was an issue with ROON and OpenGL on Nvidia cards at some time in the past. I’m also surprised this hasn’t been brought up yet. Should I be going after a specific driver version to guarantee ROON compatibility?

Please don’t take my frustrations with the app as angst against you. I know you’re trying to help.

Not a problem, I didn’t. I too in the past have been responsible for a global network with 3k clients, and responsible for the design and management of the Active Directory infrastructure to support them and 600 servers. I have experienced that even with a standard build and an automated build process, that it has been possible for a rogue client build to occur. As you say, I was just popping a suggestion, as after all the Roon client is running on tens of thousands Windows clients without issue, and therefore considered that an issue with the client environment just might be the case.

I hope that you get it sorted soon.