Roon Not Responding - White Screen on Launch - Service still runs

Hi @LiquidSmote,

Thanks for giving that a try. Moving forward, I’m hoping we can get some logs from your install so the team can take a look. I’m hoping you can please do the following:

  • Reboot the Core machine
  • Launch Roon and make a note of the time you do so
  • Use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link or any other file sharing service link.

Respond here with the time in your local timezone as mentioned above as well as the link to the logs and we will take a look.



I think I’ve finally found a way to reliably reproduce the issue after hammering this system all morning. When ROON launches and is moved from display 1 to display 2 and then back to display 1, and then closed. The next relaunch will result in Not Responding. Each subsequent relaunch tries for display 1 and hangs. If disconnect display 1, ROON will launch to display 2 successfully.

I will upload logging as per directions and testing notes are listed below.

7:23 Restart Client and Server
7:28 Launch Client Immediate Not Responding
7:29 Force Quit Client
7:30 Launch Immediate Not Responding
7:32 Used Android Device to Control Client (play)
7:33 Used Android Device to Control Client (pause)
7:34 Force Quite Client
7:35 Uninstall Roon Client and Restart Client System
7:37 Reinstall Client (64bit) and Reconnect to Server
7:38-39 Configure General Settings and Dark Mode and Client Restart
7:40 Closed Client and Restart Client System
7:42 Launch Client Successful
7:43 Close Client and Launch Client and Close Client
7:44 Launch VM and Client Successful and Close Client
7:45 Connect VM to VPN and Launch Client Successful
7:45 Close Client Restart Client System
7:47 Launch Client Successful and Close Client
7:49 Launch Client Successful and Close Client
7:50 Launch Client Successful and Close Client
9:57+ Multi use of system from VPN, to Sling, to Games to simulate full workload before next Roon launch
11:09 Launch Client Successful
11:10 Close Client
11:12 Launch Client Successful
11:17 Close Client (moved client over to 1st display prior to doing so)
11:18 Open Client Not Responding (launched on 1st display)
11:19 Force Quit Client (moved not responding app over to 2nd display)
11:20 Open Client Not Responding (opened on 1st display automatically)
11:20 Force Quit Client
11:21 Open and Force Quit (trying to get it to open on primary to see if fix)
11:22 Open and Force Quit
11:22 Disconnect second monitor
11:22 Launch Client Successful (with 1st monitor unplugged)

Silly question, but to which email address do I give access to my ROON logs folder on Google Drive?

Local time = MST no DST

A man of my ilk =)

Hi @LiquidSmote,

Thanks for the update! You can share a link to the logs here in this thread and I’ll get it over to the team for analysis.

…Or, if you don’t feel comfortable about sharing a link in the public forum, send a Private Message (PM) to @dylan by clicking on his avatar, and then the Message button that is revealed.

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THIS! Thank you for reading into the question, that’s exactly my concern!

Logs PM’d!

Hi @LiquidSmote,

Are you using any third party software to manage the multiple displays? Something like Display Fusion or similar?

No third part display managers installed. Nvidia control panel is installed, GRD version of driver installed, Geforce experience is not installed.

The displays are running different resolutions.

I do have EVGA X1 installed but thats a hardware level control app, not a display manager. Specifically used to adjust the clocks and voltage. I almost never run this software, it is not set to auto run on startup, but it is installed.

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I’m having the same problem. I’ve just started using Roon as a trial and the Core is working great on my Synology DS918+ with players on ios and direct streaming to a Matrix Audio mini-i Pro 3. I have two monitors on my Windows 10 machine and have noticed if I close Roon in my secondary monitor, when I restart it, it attempts to restart in the secondary monitor, goes to a white screen and does not respond. If I close Roon in my primary monitor, it will open with no issues in the primary monitor. I can also move Roon to the secondary monitor and as long as I move it back to the primary monitor before I close Roon, it will open fine the next time I start it. Looks like it is having problems opening in a secondary monitor on my system. Hopefully that can give you some clues on the problem. Nvidia 1080 card with GeForce Driver Version 461.40.

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