Roon not responding

Another week, another problem :wink:
Just got a " Roon not responding". During playback, browsing artists, Roon just stopped. I’ve tried shutting down the PC, even unplugging it. No luck. Help please!

Hey @Jonas_Sjodin – sounds like a crash. Has anything changed recently? New music in your library? New hardware, drivers, or software installed?

Is Roon unable to start now?

Quite a few additions to the library preceded the crash. Besides that, nothing. At work right now. Will know in about 14 hours.

Not responding. It loads for a while with Roon not responding. Then for about 2 seconds not responding disappears, and it ends up where I was going at the time. After those seconds Roon stops and I’m at the desktop. Help!

Tried to restart Roon and computer several times during afternoon. It wont start. I can start teamviewer and let you work it through.

Ok Jonas - sorry for the trouble here. I’ll send you a PM and we’ll figure out what’s going on.

Let Me know if you have gotten all you need. I’ve had some mails coming back adressed to you. Thats why I’m going through the forum right now.

Yup, I have what I need. Will be in touch soon!

Any progress with the logs?

Hey Mike. Tomorrow Will be the 7 th day without Roon. About two or three weeks ago I was without it due to corrupt database. Then also without Roon for about seven days. Not that happy with it functioning 50% of the time. Love it when it works though.

Looks like our messages crossed Jonas – I just sent you a message about 30 mins ago. Take a look, and let me know how it goes.