Roon not returning Qobuz results

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Roon does not return albums in a search that are clearly available in Qobuz.
Enter “Rammstein” in Qobuz, and quite a few items are returned. Enter “Rammstein” in Roon, and I get zero results (as Tidal doesn’t have any titles and neither does my library).

I tried that. Found out the album, favorited it. Went in Roon, Settings > Services > Qobuz > Edit > Sync Library Now. Nothing, zero, nada.

Qobuz integration seems to be broken, or at least it is on my install.

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It seems as if Roon does not search in Qobuz at all. At least not when using the magnifying glass in the upper right corner.
Strangely enough Roon can find alternative albums in Qobuz (when you have selected an album, Roon offers the same Qobuz albums).

Maybe @noris knows?

I don’t know if this is relevant to all but in my Qobuz territory (Ireland), with Rammstein albums I get “The rights holders have not made the streaming of this track possible”. I have no locally stored Rammstein. On a search in roon I get no album results but I do get compilations Rammstein are on.

However with artists Qobuz has categorised as similar like Korn and Stalmann with no copyright issues, roon does return album search results. I have no locally stored Korn and Stalmann either.

Hi @Alexandre_Siufy1,

Rammstein albums are not available to stream from Qobuz. In Qobuz you can purchase the album, or you can play 30 second previews, but you cannot play the entire albums with just a streaming subscription. Since they’re not available with a subscription, these Qobuz albums do not appear in Roon.


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