ROON not running on ASUSTOR 3102T

Hello, I have been running ROON from my Laptop for a few years, recently I have decided to buy a NAS so that I can run ROON without having to use my laptop as a Core server and for storage.

I have gone for ASUSTOR 3102T, installed ROON from APP CENTRAL. However, I am not able to run ROON from the NAS. I have followed the following steps:

  1. Installed ROON from ASUSTOR APP CENTRAL
  2. Created a shared folder from Access Control
  3. From the NAS home screen, clicked on ROON icon, then Configure, and selected the shared folder I created.
  4. Then I opened the ROON app which is installed on my laptop, gone into Setting / Storage and added the Shared Folder.
  5. When then I go to Configure and I click on Configure ROON Core, ROON tries to find the CORE, however nothing happens here. I tried to logout and log back in from the NAS, but with no luck.

Any idea how to solve this and get ROON to work on my ASUSTOR NAS?

Hi @Hani_Arwani and welcome to the forum.

There is a migration guide available at

Please don’t do that. Watched folders are for your music files. The Roon DB or backups should not be in one of Roon’s watched folders.
You should go to Settings|General and disconnect from your current core instead so you are able to select the new one that is running on the NAS. Follow the migration guide, load a backup of your current core and don’t forget to correct the configuration regarding the watched folders.

This is futile unless you have a Core running Roon OS (Nucleus, ROCK) as this is meant to configure options on/for Roon OS specifically.

PS: Keep a copy of the backup from your current Core on the laptop - you might want to revert to it later as your NAS is way below the recommended hardware specification. Running your Roon Core on the NAS may be unsatisfying. Read also:

Thank you @BlackJack for your valuable feedback and for the links, I have gone through them, if I understand this correctly, I will not be able to run Roon (example, from my IPad) unless I add a Roon server such as Nucleus or Intel NUC? I assumed that installing ROON on the NAS will be enough to get it up and running without any additional hardware?

I followed the link “Roon Server on NAS”, and then went on to Chris Rieke link which shows how to install on ASUSTOR, however, i could not find the “ambulance icon” her was referring to.

Thank you @BlackJack for your inputs and assistance.

If you install Roon Server on your NAS you surely will be able to use Roon from an iPad without a Nucleus or NUC. But then please don’t click on links that read “Configure Roon OS devices on your network” or on “Configure”-buttons described as “Configure Roon OS Core” when your Roon Server (the software) is not installed on a device running on Roon OS (OS stands for Operating System). All there is to configure for Roon Server (the software) is available in the Roon App under Settings directly. If you want to configure the network settings of your NAS or start/stop/restart the RoonServer App (from running on it, login to your NAS and use whatever tools ASUSTOR provides you with to do so.

On the other side: There are hardware recommendations for a Roon Core to ensure that people get a good user experience. It seems that the 3102T falls short on CPU and RAM (only 2GB, not expandable). So your experience running Roon Server on that NAS device might fall short too. Should that be the case, using a Nucleus or a NUC running ROCK could become a valid option for you.

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Hello @Hani_Arwani,

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Thank you for connecting with us and the community to find out more about how to use Roon with your setup. We’re grateful to @BlackJack for his valuable input :pray:

Please, make sure to let us know if we can help with anything along the way :nerd_face:

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