Roon not scanning external HDD and not seeing KEF LS50 Wireless

(Vincent Bourget) #1

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

macOS Sierra/Mac mini 2.4GHz 4GB memory with Iomega firewire external HDD/Roon v1.6 build 416

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Wired Ethernet to Netgear router Orbi base

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

KEF LS50 Wireless speaker connected to same wifi network via Orbi satellite

Description Of Issue

First issue: Roon doesn’t scan my external HDD (Iomega HDD connect via Firewire)
Second issue: Roon doesn’t see my KEF LS50 wireless

(Noris) #3

Hello @Vincent_Bourget,

Have you made sure to add your external HDD to Roon Settings -> Storage as a watched folder? The connected HDDs typically show up on the side bar when adding new watched locations. If it does not show up, can you please share a screenshot by using these instructions?

As for the KEFs, can you try temporarily connecting them via Ethernet to the primary router to see if there is any change in behavior? If you connect the Mac via Ethernet as well, does that help at all?

– Noris

(Vincent Bourget) #4

Yes the external HDD does show up on the side, and I have selected the relevant folder from that HDD as a watched folder


(Noris) #5

Hi @Vincent_Bourget,

Thanks for letting me know the HDD showed up as expected. As for the KEFs are those still missing or has plugging them in via Ethernet triggered any change in behavior? Are they on the newest firmware? You can use the KEF Control app to check for updates.

– Noris

(Vincent Bourget) #6

Well the HDD showed up and is selected as a watched folder, but Roon still doesn’t scan it.
It is like Roon doesn’t do any scan, whatever folder I choose to watch in the external HDD, even when I try to “force re-scan”


(Noris) #7

Hi @Vincent_Bourget,

Can you share a few screenshots of what the drive looks like in Roon? You can upload screenshots to this site by following these instructions (<-clickable link).

How is the External hard drive formatted (NTFS/exFAT/FAT32/HFS+)? You can use these instructions to check the Hard drive format.

Do you see any of the drive contents in Roon? Are you able to access these files properly from OSX finder? Are the files perhaps showing up in Roon’s Skipped Files section? Does rebooting the Core machine change anything?

– Noris

(Vincent Bourget) #8

Please see attached a few pics. When adding the relevant folder from my external hdd (iomega) within the roon/settings/storage, I can easily access the folder and drill down to each artist and their albums.

The hdd seems in good condition, it is not full, and I can access it from the mac finder and play any music through iTunes directly from it.


(Noris) #9

Hi @Vincent_Bourget,

Thanks for sharing those screenshots.

Are any of these files showing up in Roon’s Skipped Files by any chance? If you try to copy one folder to the local HDD do the files show up as expected?

I also see that the HDD is showing up as “External RAID Media”, is this drive using a certain RAID configuration?


(Vincent Bourget) #10

I have checked: Nothing in the skipped files.
I have copied a few artists folders in the local hdd on the mac mini, added these location as a watched folder: still no scan from roon, even when trying force rescan.
The external hdd is not configured as raid

(Noris) #11

Hi @Vincent_Bourget,

Thanks for giving that a try. It is certainly strange that the files are not showing up even on the OSX local HDD. I have two follow-up suggestions here:

  1. Can you please send me a small sample of a few of these files that are not showing up? I would like to try to import them on my end. The best way to get these files over to me would be through a shared Dropbox/Google Drive/ link.

  2. Can I please ask you to manually send me a copy of the logs from you Core by using these instructions? The best way to get them over would be using the same methods from step #1.

Once I have both of these items we can proceed with troubleshooting.