Roon Not Scanning Synology NAS Properly

Core Machine (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Desktop/Roon 1.7 build 667)

Network Details (Synology DSD218+ NAS/Ethernet switch+FMC/StarTech Fiber NIC)


The NAS is connected to the core machine through the above switch/FMC and the StarTech Fiber NIC.

Description Of Issue

The initial library scan grabs the correct number of files and albums, but doesn’t stop scanning. I’ve seen other threads where Roon Support takes over a month to research these issues. I’d rather just change the NAS, though it used to work. Btw, a NTFS backup drive of the exact same files works fine when attached directly to the core machine. Any ideas appreciated.

When did you notice this started occurring? Were there any changes to your setup like a Roon update or update to the NAS?

Roon update and network configuration change of adding the switch and fiber NIC, but the networking seems to be fine.

Hello @anon20084133, what happens if you bypass the switch and connect the NAS directly to the router?

I’ve resolved this by using local storage. But if it helps answer your question, I’m able to copy from the NAS to the local storage on the core machine just fine. There’s nothing wrong with the NAS or the switch.

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