Roon not 'seeing' attached USB DAC

My Chord Electronics DAVE is not available as a Roon audio device which is attached to a NUC as an endpoint. It was working earlier today but I was making some network changes. Roon ‘sees’ the server. Windows ‘sees’ the Audiowise SRC-DX in between the NUC and the DAVE as the speaker. Windows chimes are output to the speakers. Roon reports THAT ‘No audio devices found’

Here’s what I’ve done to troubleshoot:

Checked all connections on the audio chain (just to make sure, but I know audio is passing through)

Rebooted the NUC

Stopped and restarted Roon Server on my NAS.

Any suggestions for troubleshooting would be appreciated.

Look to see if the Dave needs to be enabled as an endpoint again.

Thanks @Henry_McLeod That’s the thing, My DAC isn’t listed as an audio device to be enabled. However Windows recognizes it so I know it’s available there.

What sort of USB cable are you using and do you have an alternative?

@Henry_McLeod Thanks for engaging with me on this. I use a Lush^3-e USB Audio Cable by Phasure between my Audiowise SRC-DX and the NUC. Windows recognizes the downstream chain. Everything was working fine yesterday morning until i made an IP address change on my QNAP NAS which host Roon Server. I’m unsure how roon polls for available audio devices or whether something got tweaked with the database.

I’m not sure what the nature of the IP change was, but I presume you have reversed it to see what happens? Also power down and restart your router, and don’t completely dismiss swapping the USB cable.

Roon uses broadcasts to find things.

Your description of your set-up confuses me a bit…

This I understand.

You mean your remote is able to reach core?

So your NuC is running Windows? Are you running RoonBridge on the NuC or Desktop?

@ipeverywhere I can see how I could have phrased it differently; new to Roon and obviously haven’t dialed in on the vernacular.

Yes, my NUC (remote) is reaching the core on my NAS. The library loads just fine. And my NUC is attached to my DAVE and Windows recognizes it. Roon doesn’t list the DAC as an audio device, consequently there’s nothing to enable.

I haven’t had RoonBridge running since I started. And until yesterday everything was working fine.

Remote includes bridge so you don’t need bridge if you’re running remote.

Remote on the Windows NuC should see the local DAVE. Being windows, strange things occur with updates and can knock off devices. Try disabling the firewall. I know that sounds strange for a locally attached device but give it a try.

Also, try changing the windows system sounds to go somewhere else so windows isn’t using the device.

Have you reinstalled DAVE windows driver? It is on the product page at Chord. You may want to uninstall / reinstall to start clean.

Someone who knows windows (I don’t use it as an endpoint) could provide more suggestion I hope.

But earlier, you said you’ve got the …

… and if so, only the SRC-DX can ever be detected, no matter if by Windows or by Roon.

Show us screenshots of Roon’s “About” and “Audio” tabs, maybe?

Problem solved. Thanks to everyone who offered troubleshooting ideas and feedback. In the process I learned a few things.

I’ve been a bit distracted the last couple of days but finally circled back to considering your comment. I had changed one of my NAS NIC configs and that was the culprit. It appears that an ip address had affected the ability of Roon to recognize my SRC-DX (Chord DAVE). Once I reserved the prior IP address on my router the audio devices appeared and I was able to enable the SRC-DX. I didn’t realize this dependency/association. Thank you for this suggestion.

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