Roon not seeing External Hard Drive in Node 2i USB port

How do i get Roon to see my external HD that is in Node 2i? the Bluos app sees it so i thought Roon would? Please help


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Your Bluesound Node 2i is a Roon Ready network streamer which is essentially running Roon Bridge. You cannot attach storage devices to a Bridge. Storage devices can only be attached to your Roon Core (a media server.)

In contrast, the BlueOS software running on the Node is running a media server, which is why you can attach and use a USB drive. Connect the external drive to you Roon Core and then add to Roon by going to Settings > Storage > Add Folder then browse to the mounted drive.

than you…does the external drive need to stay connected to the Roon core in order to access the files? not ideal for me…or would roon read it if it was connected to the usb on my router?


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Either connect directly to your Core or, if possible, share it on the network using Samba–you may be able to do this with your router.

DOwnloaded Samba. I am lost. Now what. Drive is hooked up to router

You don’t need to download Samba; you said that your router has the capability to connect a USB drive. It follows that this can be configured to share on your network. If so, this would be a setting in the router’s web-GUI.

What router are you using?

Fios g1100. Also. Roon not seeing all of my Qobuz tracks. How do I fix that

The Fios G1100 does not support attached USB drives. From the handbook and also from recent forum post:

USB - provides up to 500 mA at 5 VDC for attached devices.
For example, you could charge a cell phone. In the future, with a
firmware upgrade, the USB host functionality may be available for
other devices, such as external storage and cameras. Firmware
updates are performed automatically by Verizon.

I suggest you create a new post in the #support thread. Follow these instructions:

Given that USB storage is now very cheap, and you can never have too many backups, I would suggest that it would be best to have a copy of your library attached to the Roon Core, or another network location the Core can see, regardless of whether or not you need a copy attached to your Node.

Ok thanks. Can you tell me why Roon is not listing all my favorite Qobuz albums? It stopped at letter J

I can only guess that perhaps there was an interruption to your network connection that stopped the process, and for some reason it has not automatically resumed.