Roon not seeing mp3 albums <100kbps & Focus not behaving properly [Fixed pending next build]

Sometimes 96kbps mp3 is all you have; and, in some cases (interviews, audio books, etc), it’s all you need. Looks like Roon is not seeing anything <=100kbps in mp3, although it is seeing an AAC album with <100kbps. Also, the Focus is not working correctly wrt this same issue. In pic below, the West/Bruce/Laing album in the upper right has 9 tracks; 8 are 128kbps and one is 384kbps. Yet when I set the filter to mp3 & <100kbps, the album shows up. As do several lossless albums, and lots of other things that shouldn’t be there.

And here’s a DropBox link to 3 Al di Meola albums, all mp3 96kbps, none of which show up in Roon:

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I can reproduce this. Thanks for the media @trtlrock – we’ll take a look at what’s going on here.

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