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Dear Sirs,

I have downloaded Roon to my PC which is my music server and is connected to my main stereo system via Bel Canto DAC.

The program is able to see my music on my PC but when I go to playing anything I am not getting any sound coming through my main system. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but the same issue comes up. I’ve been using JRiver for 10 years so I know my music server is working correctly. The only equipment that is recognized is my Apple TV and a Yamaha receiver in an adjoining room, my main system is not even though on initial setup I enabled the main PC and output device (High Definition Wasapi). If you can offer any support I would greatly appreciate it, otherwise my trial period will have been a waste of time without the ability to fully evaluate Roon. @ support

Thank you

Jacob Tarabolous

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Hi Jacob,

I am sure that the guys will work with you to make sure you are able to have a trial period with Roon working.

Just to be sure, I assume you enabled the output in the Settings/Audio AND then on the main playback screen chose that device to be the active device.
Shown here, on the playback screen you can see my active output device is the Nu Audio. If I want to change it, I click on picture and choose a different audio device from the pop up list.

Screen shots of the Settings/Audio page and of the Bel Canto device settings will probably be helpful to support.


I did enable the output in the settings, the main playback screen sees the core imports all music but doesn’t show main playback device. I’m including several screen shots to show you what I see when the app loads. There is no pop up list that shows my main output device, my other wifi connected devices show up.image4.jpegimage4.jpegimage4.jpegimage4.jpeg @support

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Hi @Jacob_Tarabolous

As @Rugby mentioned, we can make sure that you have a proper trial once this issue is resolved so no worries on that end. Unfortunately those screenshots you posted didn’t come through. Can you use these instructions (<-clickable link) to re-submit the screenshots?

How is the Bel Candto connected to the PC, is it via USB? Can you share a screenshot of your Roon Settings -> Audio Tab? Have you made sure to allow both Roon and RAATServer through the PC’s firewall and any other antivirus firewalls you may have? You can use these instructions to check.

– Noris

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