Roon Not Seeing Second Set of Wi-Fi Audioengine A1-MR Speakers

I have one set of Audioengine A1-MRs set up in my bedroom and connected to Roon via Airplay. They’re great.

So, I bought a second pair for my workbench in the garage, and I am unable to get Roon to see this second set of the AEs. I know that the second set of speakers are actually connected to my network, because I can stream Spotify or Radio Paradise (via RP app) through them.

Edit: In fact, I haven’t been able to connect to RP, as I think that the RP app only works via Bluetooth. But definitely no problem with Spotify streaming…

I understand that the AEs are not “Roon-ready,” but because they support Wi-Fi, they should be Roon-accessible/visible, and in fact, one set of them are accessible/visible and working perfectly in Roon while the other pair are not.

I believe that the A1-MRs support “multi-room” playing (presumably synced) but that this requires some additional AE hardware. Is it possible that AE only allows only one network connection to the MRs, with a second connection requiring the additional gear? That wouldn’t be very nice…

Anyone have any experience with this issue, or any advice or suggestions for me?

Are the speakers in the garage connected to the same WiFi network?

Same router (it’s actually a 3-point Deco System) and I have a primary network set up for both 5G and 2.2G, while the Guest network is also active but only 2.2. I needed to do this for another piece of gear that was having trouble connecting to the primary at 2.2.

There is a Deco access point in the garage. In fact, on the wall, just above the right (slave) speaker.

Edit: I have tried connecting the speakers (and Roon) via both the same network (primary and guest), but no luck.

For the record, I solved this problem. Ended up just resetting the speaker and then reconnected to WiFi and the second set of speakers were visible to Roon.

Now that I think about it, I think the same thing may have happened with the first set of speakers when I initially set them up. Could be a quirk of the install routine.

But happy now.

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I’m getting tired of your unreliable software. I use Roon (as Core running on Windows) and I am using it for five different endpoints across my home.

In the past couple of months, four or five times A WEEK, I go to use Roon in my garage (Audioengine AE1 WiFi) and I’ve lost connection to the server. So, I either have to decide “no music for me,” or I have to trudge across the house and up two flights of stairs to reboot your GD Roon Core.

I have mobility issues so this is more than a minor inconvenience. It is a waste of limited energy. And finite patience.

You need to do better. Or I won’t be renewing.

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Not Roon support here - but could you provide some details on your network infrastructure pls?

Post in the support area and fill in the required information.

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I have a mesh network covering a 2-story house of about 2,000 square feet. The network is all Deco M5s and they are distributed throughout the house more or less equidistant from each other. The main M5 is upstairs and the other two are located in my 2ch cave and the garage.

In addition to the garage speakers, I have the same AE speakers in my upstairs bedroom. Both of those speakers connect to Roon via Airplay.

I also have a Cambridge CN1 streamer in my 2ch room, as well as two sets of computer speakers, with one of those running directly off the Roon Core Windows host.

FWIW, I have lots of other devices, some of them real-time monitors/notification alerts for managing a grow room, and none of those ever lose the network connection (unless they lose power).

It’s Roon that is standing out for its chronic unreliability.

All of this Roon-connected gear was in place 6 months ago and it was highly reliable. Lately it’s been anything but reliable and has become a huge annoyance.

I don’t like giving money to companies that annoy me. Save me time and give me convenience and I’ll praise you to everyone I know. Fail me, and its SOL.

It seems to me part of the issue is that software is constantly being changed and every new version tends to have a problem. Maybe fewer releases with better quality control is the way to go.



Hi @Douglas_Weil,

Thanks for providing details of your setup.

I’ve merged your new topic into your older topic on this issue so all the history is together.

I’ve also moved over to #support and notified them.

Not sure why the history of my previous query about connecting to my second set of AE speakers (including the solution) is included in this thread.

It is not related to the current issue with Roon Core losing connection to the network (or crashing, or whatever is causing this).

Hi I was going on this …

Maybe I misunderstood, but Roon’s @support now have visibility and can evaluate if significant or not.

Let’s hope they can track down the root cause for you.

No, the history is relevant. How do you know it is not? The flakiness may be related solely to your network or your speakers, as the historical solution might suggest. Let Roon support and others be the judge. If you disagree, then you just should sort out the problem on your own.


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