Roon not seeing some music files

Nucleus Plus

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I have a folder on my Nucleus called Hi Rez, there are many albums in the folder including 2 folders by an artist called Rich Aucorn, one folder is his album We’re all dying to live in flac format and next to it is the same album in WAV format. In Roon I can see and play the Flac version but not the WAV version. Any ideas how I can fix this?

Hi @Paul_Elliott,

When you’re on this album page, if you navigate to the Versions tab, do you see the WAV version?

Haha I just realised the artist is Rich Aucoin.

But no it doesn’t come up as a different format in that view, though a slightly messed up version of the WAV songs come up when searching and clicking on view all albums. Perhaps if I delete the (WAV) and (FLAC) at the end of the respective folder names it would come good?

Hi @Paul_Elliott,

Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing here?

I’d be willing to bet you have a metadata problem. Proper tagging is a known weakness for WAV files. If these tags are messed up, Roon will have a hard time figuring out what the album is and how to present the information it does have. The observation that Roon lists this as unidentified and you’ve got weird things like you see on your second screenshot sort of reinforces that idea.
Do you have MP3Tag or some other way to inspect the tags in the WAV files?


I think SongKong may also be able to straighten these sorts of things out.
@paultaylor is the author of that software and could comment further.

Hi @Paul_Elliott,

As Scott mentioned, it looks like Roon is having trouble identifying these albums properly. One option is to try manually identifying them. Alternatively, you can update the tags using something like MP3Tag so Roon can better determine what the files are.

Yes I suspect @Paul_Elliott WAV files currently have no metadata, many applications still don’t add metadata directly to WAV files. For example iTunes stores all WAV metadata in its internal database rather than the files itself, unlike the very similar AIF format which it stores all data in the files themselves.

It is much easier for Roon to identify your music if they already have good metadata, and certainly songkong should make this much easier . You can also use the free version to run a Status report and this will create an excel spreadsheet showing you the exact existing metadata that you have, that you may find useful.

thanks for the info, i’ll check out the software you mention.

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