Roon not seeing Sonic Orbiter plugged into wireless bridge

I am trying to use a Sonic Orbiter SE in a room with no hard wired Ethernet. I set up a Linksys WES610N and plugged the Sonic Orbiter SE into that and then have a USB cable going to my Oppo HA-1 DAC. THe Sonic Orbiter web page shows the SOSE as up and running with Roon Ready activated but Roon can’t find it so I can’t play any music through it. Fing shows the WES610 but not the SOSE. THE Fing details for the WES610 shows “SOSE-OOD468” as the “netBios Name.” I feel I am close but not quite there.

In my experience wireless is very unreliable for audio. Even if you get it working you may experience dropouts. If you don’t have a network jack in the location you want the unit try a homeplug adapter.

Roon will not list the microRendu until the microRendu sees your DAC. To verify if the microRendu sees yours DAC go to Apps / DAC Diagnostics. If the DAC is not listed you may have to remove the USB cable, reconnect the USB cable, then refresh the page. If your DAC is still not listed try power cycling the DAC followed by power cycling the microRendu and then go to Apps / DAC Diagnostics. If your DAC is listed then you have some kind of network issue unrelated to the microRendu.

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