Roon not showing album covers

Roon is not showing album covers under Date Added and Date but it is showing them under Artist and Most Played.

I’ve rebooted Antipodes K40 server with no effect.

Correction. It now showing only 6 and 7 covers under Date and Date Added, the top listed row. It shows all the others normally. Also shows all under Album Title.

Have you tried clearing the image cache from Roon’s Setup menu?

Yes, no effect

Carl, Now anything I add to my library will not show the album cover. I’ve rebooted my Antipodes K40 server several times. I am streaming Tidal and Qobuz in entirely Ethernet wired system through my Netgear router. This started a week or two ago. I did clear the image cache as above with no effect. I would appreciate help. James Heckman

Also the albums not showing covers do not show Credits or Versions.

Can somebody please reply to this? I’ve sent three messages and updates. The problem persists, additions to my library not showing album covers, and for those, Credits and Versions not showing. Thank you!
James Heckman

Moved to the #support section so Roon’s @support team can jump in.

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Hi @James_Heckman ,

What kind of Roon Remotes are you using to control the Antipodes? Is the behavior the same from all the remotes or just one in particular? Can you please share some screenshots of what you’re seeing?

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Hi Noris,
I tried to respond directly to your response to my problem, but kept getting that the roonlabs domain isn’t available. Hence I’m trying this. Here is what I tried to send. I don’t know if it all comes through in the string below. I use only an iPad 2020 8th generation to control the Antipodes which has worked fine all along until this problem of blank covers showed up. I suppose I could use this Windows 11 laptop to control it but I never do. Yes, the problem is the same on both iPad and laptop (when I open Roon on the laptop which I am using now). I hope the screenshots come through on this. The first is a portion of the 13 blank cover albums that display under My Albums; the second is of a single album when I click it from My Albums in order to play it. I will keep searching now if there is another way to attach screenshots to this. Thanks for your help.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

I see the first screenshot of blank album covers when I click My Albums didn’t show, so below is another try.

Hi @James_Heckman ,

I’ve merged your two threads to keep all the information in one place.

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Here is a direct link to your thread on the forum:

Thanks for confirming that both Windows and iPad exhibit the same behavior.

Can you please reproduce the issue and let me know the exact local time + date + track/album that is giving you the problem? I can try to enable diagnostics mode to see if we can gather more clues that way.

Also, can you please provide some details regarding your network setup?


Thank you, Noris. I’ve taken a note on the correct way to reply to a thread.

As for reproducing the problem, it’s just a matter of trying to add any album to my library. As a specific example, I just added Dave Brubeck’s Time Further Out. It took about 7 minutes to add and then only did so when I closed Roon out and opened it again. The time was 535p EST (Pennsylvania) today, December 1, 2021. Attached is a screenshot of what showed when I clicked the just-added album–it’s the same as previous screenshots showing no album cover and no Versions or Credits. My network setup is the signal comes into a comcast modem, goes by ethernet wire to a Netgear router, then by ethernet to the Antipodes server, then by ethernet to my dCS Rossini DAC. I believe my internet speed is 25 mbs. Screenshot follows (I hope):

Pls note that the album does play normally.

I just tried unplugging and replugging the modem with no effect.

Noris, one more thing. It seems like the problem started on Nov. 16, since under Date Added, that is the first album that shows no cover, and everything since then shows no cover. I don’t know anything about Nov. 16 that is unusual. One other thing, though: you probably know that Antipodes updated its software on Oct. 31, all worked well until this problem surfaced on Nov. 16.