Roon not showing album resolution (24/96, etc) under thumbnails

The resolution shows under the “recently added” thumbnails on the home page…but not anywhere else. I have to open the album to see. I tried all album display settings…am I doing something wrong?

Settings->general->customise album display->show album format->on

Works for me…

Not working for me. It shows on the 5 panel recent activity home scree. However, you hit the “more” button or any other album search…it’s not there. see pics below

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You’re right and I’m wrong. I can only see it in my library and on recently played. Sorry, my mistake.

Hopefully, that gets fixed soon. I have multiple versions of albums, plus I like to see the resolution when searching.

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This is one of the first things I noticed after the upgrade. May seem like a small thing but it was really handy to know the resolution without having to open the album up.